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How to Watch ‘Vacation House Rules’ Online – Live Stream Season 1

Written by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated July 11, 2020

We've all watched a show or two on HGTV and wondered what they could be spending so much money on when renovating their kitchens or bedrooms. Well, Vacation House Rules will give us a few pointers on how to save money and not spend a fortune on renovations. Let's watch Vacation House Rules online!

Vacation House Rules features HGTV star, Scott McGillivray. By relying on years upon years in the real estate business and his renovation skills, he'll teach us all how to turn our vacation properties into money-making rental units.

His ideas aren't necessarily ordinary, as turning homes into zen yoga retreats or adding beer gardens to properties are certainly uncommon ideas - but they sure do work.

When and Where to Watch Vacation House Rules?

The new show Vacation House Rules lands on HGTV on July 11th. The episodes are going to be available starting at 8 PM ET.

How Can I Live Stream Vacation House Rules?

There are hours upon hours we spend online each day. This makes it possible for us to keep in touch with friends and family, read the news, binge on our favorite shows, and so on. We can also watch TV online because this enables us to keep up with our beloved series and events regardless of our location - we only need a mobile device and an Internet connection. Hulu is one of the best options out there, as it's a service that features HGTV among its main bundle.

Start your free trial on Hulu now

Besides the channels you get in the main bundle, you can also add several extra channel packs and premium networks to your account. One of the best things, however, is that when you subscribe to the Live TV service, they also give you access to the On-Demand platform.

Hulu works on numerous platforms, including smartphones and tablets running on iOS and Android, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, and more.

Hulu only works in the United States, so if you're traveling abroad, you'll need to use a VPN to access the content. Click here to get more information on what you have to do.

Here's how you can start your Hulu free trial:

Other Ways to Watch Vacation House Rules Online

fuboTV - fuboTV is another service that can help you enjoy watching Vacation House Rules online. The platform features multiple plans you can choose from, as well as many customization options. Start your free trial on fuboTV now!

Sling TV - On Sling TV, you'll discover three bundles - Orange, Blue, and Orange + Blue. You can pick whichever one you want because HGTV is part of all of them. You do need to know that your choice in bundles will indicate precisely how many simultaneous streams you can enjoy. Orange subscribers get a single stream, Blue subscribers get three of them, and Orange + Blue subscribers can watch content on four devices simultaneously. Furthermore, you can add extra channel packs and premium networks to your account if you want even more of these to view. Watch 3 Days Free on Sling TV Now!

Philo - Philo is an awesome alternative. There's a single bundle here that is filled with dozen of entertainment options. There are no channel packs to add to your account, but you can get a few premium networks nowadays. Start your free trial on Philo now! Philo may be one of the simpler platforms on the market, but it comes with an awesome price tag and some great perks offered to all subscribers.

How to Watch Vacation House Rules When Traveling Outside of the United States?

Whenever you travel outside of the United States, you lose the ability to access the live TV platforms and streaming services you are subscribed to in the United States. This can be extremely frustrating, but there's not much the services can do about it, as they have to respect licensing deals.

However, you can solve the problem yourself by using a VPN to connect to a server from the United States and trick the site into thinking you're back home. We have one recommendation when it comes to these tools - ExpressVPN - one of the best apps we ever tested.

Here's what you have to do to watch Vacation House Rules with ExpressVPN:

Can I Watch Vacation House Rules Live on the Network's Website?

If you're hoping to watch Vacation House Rules on the HGTV website, you should know that's perfectly possible to do.

To make things work, you'll need to log in to an account to prove that your TV subscription includes HGTV. You'll have to use your TV provider credentials, whether we're talking about live TV services or a cable company.

The HGTV live stream is also geo-blocked, like most streaming platforms. So, if you want to enjoy it from abroad, you'll have to use a VPN to connect to a server in the United States. You should click here to get more info on what you have to do to make things work.

Can I Binge-Watch Vacation House Rules?

As soon as the first season of Vacation House Rules kicks off, the episodes will become available to stream on the HGTV website, so you can watch them there. If you let enough of them pile up, you'll get to have a lot more fun in one sitting.

Also, HGTV shows usually end up on Hulu, and you may get to binge on the show there as well.

Can I Purchase Vacation House Rules Episodes?

Usually, HGTV shows become available to purchase shortly after the episodes start. Therefore, in the days after Vacation House Rules starts airing, you should check sites like Google Play, YouTube, iTunes, Microsoft Store, Amazon Prime, or Vudu. Make sure you check all of them out in case you want to take advantage of a deal.

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