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How to Watch ‘Two Sentence Horror Stories’ Online: Live Stream Season 1

Written by Gabriela Vatu
Published on July 4, 2019

We all know that The CW has quirky little shows that focus on the horror and the supernatural so it's really no surprise that this summer they're bringing a new show to viewers everywhere, namely Two Sentence Horror Stories. If you want to watch Two Sentence Horror Stories online, we're going to help you figure out what's the best way for you.

Two Sentence Horror Stories is going to be an anthology series that that focus on these universal fears that we all have mixed in with anxieties and everything that's happening today, including technology, and social progress, and inequality.

So far, we know the show will feature actors like Nicole Kang from Batwoman, Aleyse Shannon from Charmed, or Kate Jennings from Notorious. This will be the third new show that the CW is getting this summer, on top of Bulletproof and Pandora. The show will have its debut on August 8th at 8 p.m. with back-to-back episodes. Let's see how you can watch Two Sentence Horror Stories online this summer.

How to Watch Two Sentence Horror Stories online?

The beauty of watching content online is that you can enjoy it everywhere you go. The thing about watching TV shows and live TV online is that "everywhere" is actually limited to the United States borders. This is all happening because there are licensing deals that need to be respected, so as soon as you cross the border and your IP reflects your new location, you're going to get geoblocked. The only way to bypass this situation is to have an IP that shows you are within the United States, and for this, we advise you to look into subscribing to VPN service. Here is what you need to do.

Note: The CW is a network that is only available in certain markets across the United States, which means that depending on what you live TV service you're going to use, you may have to get creative in order to get access to the channel. If you happen to turn on your live TV service and figure out that The CW isn't part of the offer, you can simply launch the VPN and pick a city where the channel should be available in, like Chicago or Detroit. When that connection is established, the platform should deliver the channels that are available in that specific area.

Merge Two Sentence Horror Stories on the CW's Website?

We are sad to tell you that the CW website does not feature a live stream. While you will be able to watch the new episodes after they aired on the CW website, you can't actually watch the show live as is it premieres.

How to Watch Two Sentence Horror Stories Without Cable?

For quite a few years now we have become accustomed to watching a lot of content online including TV series and movies, so it makes perfect sense also to watch live TV over the internet. These live TV platforms come with quite a few advantages over traditional cable starting with the fact that they feature much cheaper plans than cable does, which means you get to save quite a bit of money each month. There is also no contract with live TV platforms, so you can unsubscribe at any time you no longer feel that the service suits your needs. There is also, of course, the fact that you get watch your favorite shows whenever they start without having to run back home - all you need is a supported device and an internet connection. Let's see which live TV platforms will help you watch The CW so you can enjoy Two Sentence Horror Stories online.

fuboTV - The first platform that makes our list is fuboTV which is a service that was originally created with sports fans in mind. Over the past few months, however, they have managed to add quite a few channels that fall into the entertainment and family sections. The CW is part of the offering on football TV so you shouldn't have any issues with the town. The CW is part of the main bundle on the service which costs $54.99 per month. If you want to customize your platform, you can have loads of channel packs and quite a few premium networks.

Note: fuboTV is one of the few platforms that actually tells you where The CW is available in and this is the full list of Markets: Atlanta, GA, Detroit, MI, Philadelphia, PA, Pittsburgh, PA, Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto, CA, San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, CA, Seattle, WA, Tampa, FL, and Chicago, IL. So if you live elsewhere, you're going to have to use a VPN to connect to a server that's located in one of the above-mentioned cities in order to circumvent the location issue.

Hulu - The next one on our list is Hulu, which features a single bundle of channels. The CW is part of this $44.99 per month bundle so you can easily watch the new horror Show online. If you want to get more content, you get a few customization options on Hulu such as the two-channel packs they added earlier this year and several premium networks. We should mention that the subscription price covers not only access to dozens of channels but also full access to the video-on-demand library the service has at its disposal.

YouTube TV - Our list continues with YouTube TV, which is a platform that has a single bundle of channels. The service costs $49.99 per month and features The CW, as well as dozens of other channels. Furthermore, there are quite nice features subscribers get from YouTube TV, such as unlimited cloud DVR storage space. While The CW may be available through this main bundle, you should know that there are actually no extra channel packs to add. If you want to enhance your monthly plan, you can add a few premium networks.

DirecTV Now - Our list ends with DirecTV Now which is a platform that features seven bundles to choose from. These bundles, namely Plus and Max, were added earlier this year, but the other five bundles have been around for a long time and simply received a name upgrade and a new price. The CW is a channel that is present in most of the seven bundles, namely Plus, Max, Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, and Ultimate, missing only from Optimo Mas. On top of this, you can also customize your plan by adding a couple of packs featuring Spanish channels, three international packs, and several premium networks.

Can You Watch Two Sentence Horror Stories with a TV Antenna?

The CW is one of the few channels that continues to broadcast over-the-air in certain areas, which means that you can watch it with the help of a TV antenna. Antennas have been quite a favorite among cord-cutters for a long time now because they are relatively cheap and they provide free access to dozens of channels. The only downside we can see to using these devices is if you're going to complain about going from hundreds of channels to only a couple of handfuls.

We do advise you that before you make a purchase, you visit a site like NoCable where you can check what channels are available in your specific area, as well as how strong the broadcast signal is. They should help you figure out if this is actually a solution for you to watch the new CW show, as well as what range you should look for in a device when you do go shopping. We have already given you a suggestion, which is a device that has great reviews from its users, but you can obviously do your own research if you want more options.

Can You Binge-Watch Two Sentence Horror Stories?

As soon as the show starts airing, you're going to be able to find the new episodes on the CW website. It is also quite possible that you're going to be able to find the new show on Hulu or Netflix after the whole series aires, but there are no indications that this point about which one is going to get it.

Another thing you'll be able to do is to purchase episodes or the full season from Two Sentence Horror Stories from platforms like Google Play, YouTube, iTunes, Microsoft Store, Vudu, or Amazon Prime. The links are not active at this point, but we will update when they become available.

We can't wait to hear back from you so you can tell us which platform you choose to watch the new CW show on so please drop us a note in the comments section below the article. We would also appreciate it if you could share the article online with friends and family so they can find a new way to watch TV as well. Follow TechNadu on Facebook and Twitter so you can get more tech news guides reviews and interviews.

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