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How to Watch ‘The Simpsons’ Online – Live Stream Season 31 Episodes

Written by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated October 2, 2019

When it comes to animated shows for adults, The Simpsons is probably one of the best known on the market alongside Family Guy and other similar shows. As another season of The Simpsons is preparing to premiere on Fox, we cannot but feel eagerness to watch it all, especially online.

The Simpsons first aired in 1989, so it's been quite a while and we've got so used to watching the fabulous characters getting into all sorts of troubles and spread out the humor along the way. Even though there's been quite a bit of criticism regarding the show’s decline in quality over the years, The Simpsons continue to be one of the best on the market.

As the 31st season approaches, we are eager to see the new episodes because their descriptions are getting us inspired. It seems that Homer and Bart are going to become viral video stars, while Lisa will take a stand against the new detention policy in Springfield Elementary. Apparently, Homer will get an intern to help out with starting a business, but will instead get in trouble with the local Mafia in perfectly Homer-fashion.

When and Where to Watch The Simpsons?

The Simpsons is returning to Fox on September 29th and it will reclaim it's 8 PM Sunday slot. This will be the 31st season of The Simpsons.

How to Live Stream The Simpsons?

It is now easier than it has ever been to watch TV online since there are so many platforms that are there to help you out. One of the best ways to watch Fox is with the help of fuboTV, which is a great service that only features one bundle of channels where you can easily find the channels you need. Start your 7-Day free trial on fuboTV now!

There are a ton of customization options on fofuboTV and you can check those out when setting up your account. There is a fuboTV app for almost every platform, including Amazon Fire TV, Android phones and tablets, Android TV, Apple TV, iOS phones and tablets, Google Chromecast, Roku, as well as Samsung Smart TVs. (Note: fuboTV is a great platform but it only works in the United States. If you want to access it when traveling outside of the United States you're going to need a VPN. Click here to learn how you can easily do this.)

Here is what you need to do to start your 7-Day free trial on fuboTV today:

Other Ways to Watch The Simpsons

Hulu - Hulu is one of those hybrid platforms that also has a streaming service and a live TV platform. You will find that Fox is part of the live TV service and it's quite easy to gain access to it. Start your 7-Day free trial on Hulu today! You can customize your new plan by adding channel packs and premium networks, and you should know that your subscription includes access to the video-on-demand library.

Sling TV - On Sling TV you will find that Fox is part of two of the three bundles they offer, namely Blue, and Orange + Blue. Start your Sling TV subscription by saving 40% OFF your first month. Sling TV comes with an extensive list of channel packs and premium networks so you can deeply customize your subscription.

What Can I Do to Watch The Simpsons Outside of the United States?

TV platforms are super easy to enjoy and they bring a certain freedom to watch your shows from wherever you may be. There is one limitation we can talk about: the fact that fuboTV, SlingTV, and Hulu are all geo-blocked, which means that you cannot access them when traveling outside of the United States. The blockade exists because there are licensing deals in place that need to be respected. Either way, you can bypass these limitations by using a VPN to change your IP address so the site thinks you are still in the United States. On TechNadu we recommend ExpressVPN, which is easily one of the best on the market, with thousands of servers across the world and really great security and privacy features.

Here's what you need to do to use Express VPN in order to watch The Simpsons:

Can I Watch The Simpsons on the Fox Website?

You can find a live stream that you can easily access on Fox’s website. In order to actually watch the live stream, you need to log in to an account by using credentials from your live TV service or your cable contract. Basically, Fox needs to see that you pay for a TV subscription where Fox is a part of.

Fox also has a mobile app that you can get for your devices, and you can download it for Android and iOS phones and tablets, Kindle Fire, Apple TV, Xbox, Chromecast Fire TV, and Android TV. (Note: Both the Fox website and the app are geo-blocked, so if you want to watch them when you travel outside of the United States you're going to have to use a VPN. Click here to learn how you can do this.)

Can I Watch The Simpsons With a TV Antenna?

Fox is one of the channels that continue to broadcast over-the-air so you can watch this show and many others with the help of a TV antenna. What's more, these devices are also popular because they are cheap to purchase and they offer people a way to watch dozens of TV channels for free.

We suggest you visit a site such as NoCable before you purchase any antennas because it will tell you exactly what channels are available over-the-air in your specific location so you can make sure that Fox is among the options. Also, it will tell you how far the broadcast stations are so you can figure out what range you need your device to have. (Note: Even on live TV platforms, Fox is a channel that is only available in select markets. If you live in an area that does not get Fox you can use a VPN to connect to a server located in a city where Fox is an option. Click here to learn how you can do this.)

Can I Binge-Watch The Simpsons?

Yes, that is something that you can do because The Simpsons episodes can be found on the Fox website, at least some of those. For most of the episodes you need to log in to an account using TV provider credentials to watch them. You can also check out the show on Hulu, where you can find the latest season with all of its episodes. Unfortunately, The Simpsons aren't available on Netflix and it's unlikely it ever will be part of the library there, in the United States or elsewhere, given the fact that Disney+ is launching in November.

Can I Purchase The Simpsons Episodes?

You can absolutely do that because The Simpsons is a show that you will find on numerous platforms, such as Amazon PrimeVuduiTunesMicrosoft StoreGoogle Play, or YouTube TV. You should check all the links we provided because they may offer better deals depending on when you're trying to make the purchase and exactly which episodes are you looking for.

Please drop us a note and tell us which platform you chose to watch The Simpsons on, and who's your favorite character. Share the article with friends and family and follow TechNadu on Facebook and Twitter for more tech news, guides, reviews, and interviews.

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