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How to Watch ‘The Plot Against America’ Online – Live Stream the Miniseries

Written by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated September 24, 2021

A new drama miniseries is heading for HBO this spring, and it follows a very famous novel written by Philip Roth. We're going to watch The Plot Against America online, so join us in figuring out how you can do that very same thing.

The Plot Against America tells an alternative American history through the eyes of a Jewish family in Newark, New Jersey. The story takes place during the rise of Charles Lindbergh, a political man with a background in aviation, who’s also a xenophobic populist. As he becomes President, the nation turns towards fascism.

HBO created the show, and it features Winona Ryder, Zoe Kazan, Morgan Spector, and many others. The whole show will only have six episodes, which we're going to want to watch online. Critics are already praising the show, and they believe it's a cautionary tale, especially in today's world.

Where and When to Watch The Plot Against America?

The first episode of The Plot Against America is scheduled to premiere on HBO on Monday, March 16th, 2020, starting with 9 PM. There are going to be six episodes, so make sure you tune in every Monday.

How Can I Live Stream The Plot Against America?

The Internet has made things so much easier for everyone, especially when it comes to watching all sorts of content online, including TV. Of course, HBO is a subscription-based service, so you're going to have to pay if you want to watch any of its content. There are a couple of online platforms they created, namely HBO GO and HBO Now. Both of these have the exact same content, but the way you log in to the account and subscribe to each service differs. For example, for HBO Now, you get to subscribe directly to HBO, while for HBO GO, you subscribe through a live TV service. Start your 7-day free trial of HBO Now!

One thing you need to know about these services is that they upload the episodes to the platforms at the same time they air on TV, so we get to watch them all at the same time as everyone else. There are a lot of apps that you can watch the contents on, including for Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, as well as Android and iOS phones and tablets. There are also apps for Smart TVs. (Note: HBO Now and HBO GO are available around the world, but you can use them only in the country where you created the account. For you to be able to access and enjoy any of the two platforms while traveling, you will need the help of a VPN. Click here for more details on how to use it.)

Here’s how you can sign up for HBO Now:

Here’s how you can sign up for HBO GO:

Other Ways to Watch The Plot Against America

One of the things we mentioned earlier when talking about how you can sign in to your HBO Go account was the fact that you can use your credentials from your live TV service if you add HBO to your account. Of course, you can also do that from your account with your cable company, but we're going to focus on online platforms only, as they allow us to enjoy lots of content over the Internet.

Hulu - An excellent platform that will help you out is Hulu, which has both live TV service and an on-demand platform. Regardless of which one you have subscribed to, you can still use the service to subscribe to HBO. To do that, you simply have to add HBO to your account and pay for it every month. Start your 7-day free trial on the Hulu Live TV platform.

Amazon Prime - If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can also add HBO to your account. This will enable you to watch all the HBO content you want through the Prime Video app. There are also other premium channels you can add if you desire to enjoy more. Get a 30-day Amazon Prime free trial if you are a new subscriber.

How Can I Watch The Plot Against America When Traveling Outside of the United States?

When you travel outside of the United States, you need to know there are loads of limitations to what you can enjoy, because all of the live TV platforms and streaming services are geo-blocked. Unfortunately, this means that you cannot access the content you love from anywhere in the world, as your access will be blocked the second the site detects that you are no longer in the United States. As we have mentioned before, although HBO GO is present in multiple markets around the world, you can only use it in your home country.

Therefore, if you want to watch HBO GO or HBO Now when you are in a country other than the United States, you will need to use a VPN to change your IP, so the site believes you are back in the United States rather than wherever you actually are. We can recommend ExpressVPN which is a cool tool that has thousands of servers over the world, including dozens in the United States.

Here's how you can use ExpressVPN to Watch The Plot Against America:

Can I Watch The Plot Against America on the Network’s Website?

Sure you can! Although, as we already discussed, you will need to have either an HBO GO or an HBO Now account to watch any of the content online. HBO is a subscription-based platform, so you will have to pay to enjoy anything from the library. (Note: HBO Now and HBO GO are geo-blocked, so if you want to enjoy them while outside the country where you created the account, you have to use a VPN. Click here for the details.)

Can I Binge-watch The Plot Against America?

Absolutely! You just have to wait for more episodes to broadcast, and then you'll get to watch them all on the HBO website. Of course, you will need to log in to an account, which means you need a subscription. Either way, you'll be able to watch all the episodes whenever they are added to the platform, which is at the same time they are broadcast on TV.

How Can I Purchase The Plot Against America Episodes?

Since this is a new show, we will have to wait and see when the episodes become available to purchase. So far, HBO shows have generally been available to buy on various platforms, like Google Play, YouTube, iTunes, Microsoft Store, Amazon Prime, and Vudu. You should check them all out a few days after the show premieres and see whether any of them have discounts available for you. Admittedly, discounts may become available later on, rather than along with the premiere.

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