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How to Watch ‘The Hustler’ Online: Live Stream on ABC

Written by Gabriela Vatu
Published on January 2, 2021

We're getting a brand new game show on ABC, and it's Craig Ferguson who's going to host it. We're going to watch The Hustler online, so let's see what needs to be done.

The Hustler will feature five contestants who need to work together to answer several trivia questions. The catch is that one of them, The Hustler, already knows the answers. With each answer worth $10,000, it's important for the other players to figure out who The Hustler is and whether they're feeding them wrong answers on purpose.

As each episode goes on, The Hustler anonymously eliminates two contestants before only three are left. The other two need to out The Hustler before it's too late. If they're right, the prize could end up being north of $100,000. If wrong, The Hustler takes the cash pot.

This certainly sounds like the type of show we want to watch, and we are surely going to throw our own guesses around and hope to figure out who The Hustler really is before the show is over. You're going to want to play alongside the contestants, which makes this a great game show.

When and Where to Watch The Hustler?

The Hustler starts up on January 4th on ABC, and then it moves on to the regular time slot, on January 7th at 10 PM.

How Can I Live Stream The Hustler?

The Hustler being broadcast by ABC, watching the show will be fairly easy to do. ABC is available on multiple live TV platforms, so you're going to be able to watch it regardless of which one you go for. One of the best platforms that feature ABC is Hulu, which comes with dozens of networks in the main bundle.

You can add extra channel packs and premium networks to your account, as well as various add-ons to expand the cloud DVR storage space capacity or the number of simultaneous streams attached to your account. Hulu is easy to watch on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Apple TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, and plenty of others.

While Hulu is an awesome service, there are others you could be looking into in order to watch The Hustler on ABC.

fuboTV is definitely a good option because it comes with over one hundred networks in the main bundle. You can add extra channel packs and premium networks to your account, and you can also go for one of the premade plans that already come with most of these at discount prices. Start your free trial on fuboTV now!

YouTube TV is also a really awesome platform that comes with a single bundle of networks where you will easily find ABC. There is a single extra channel pack that you can add if you love sports and plenty of premium networks. On YouTube TV, subscribers get unlimited cloud DVR storage space and three simultaneous streams to enjoy content on.


ABC is a channel that is only available in select markets, so depending on where you live, you may not be able to enjoy it even with live TV service. You can fix the problem with the help of a VPN, and you can find out exactly how to do this by reading on.

How Can I Watch The Hustler From Anywhere?

Watching The Hustler when you travel outside of the United States or if you live in an area that does not get ABC is pretty easy to do when you have a VPN. A VPN can route your internet connection through a server of your choosing, so you will appear to be in that new location instead of where you actually are. This will make the platforms you are accessing give you all the content from that specific area.

Our recommendation is to use ExpressVPN, which is a really great tool that has thousands of servers all over the world and some great privacy features thanks to the encryption protocols they use.

You need to subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% OFF) and get the apps for your device before finding a server located in the United States to connect to it. As soon as a connection is established, you can go ahead and load Hulu so you can start streaming The Hustler on ABC.

ExpressVPN comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee policy, so if you have any troubles with your subscription, you can ask for a refund.

Can I Binge-Watch The Hustler?

Binge-watching multiple episodes of The Hustler will absolutely be possible. You can head over to the ABC website and stream the episodes the day after they air. You will need to log in to an account in order to prove that you have a subscription that includes ABC.

Alternatively, the episodes will also become available to stream on Hulu if you have an account with the On-Demand service. Episodes are ready the day after they go live, so you can easily keep up with the show.

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