Pop In and Watch ‘The Fix’ Live Online: Stream Season 1

By Gabriela Vatu / April 25, 2019

Let's be honest - legal dramas lure us in like nothing else, so it's no surprise The Fix is getting such a great response. If you want to join the ranks and watch The Fix live online, we're here to help you out.

The first season of The Fix premiered in March 2019 and its finale is scheduled for May 20, so you have a few more episodes left to watch until then. The show focuses on Maya Travis, a district attorney who gets defeated in a massive case featuring a celebrity accused of murder. With her career derailed, she moves to Washington, away from all of it. Eight years later, the same celebrity is once more under suspicion of murder so Maya gets back into the DA office.

The main role goes to Robin Tunney, known for roles in The Mentalist and Prison Break, while the A-list celebrity role, Sevvy Johnson, goes to Adewale Akinnyoye-Agbaje who also played in shows like Lost or Oz, and a slew of movies.

If you want to watch The Fix online, tune in on Mondays, at 10/9c on ABC. Let's find out all there is to know about watching this show online.

Can You Watch The Fix Live on ABC's Website?

Yes! ABC's website does feature a live stream which you can check out, but there are some conditions here because you need to sign into an account. Now, in order to actually unlock the live stream, you need to prove that you pay for a TV subscription that includes access to ABC, whether cable or live TV platform. Since you want to watch the show online, we suggest going for a live TV platform anyway. We'll tell you which ones feature ABC, so keep on reading.

What Live TV Platforms Can You Watch ABC On?

In this day and age, it has become increasingly obvious that our lives revolve around the Internet since we do pretty much everything and anything online, from ordering food to chatting with friends, binging on shows, reading the news, and so on. Why not also watch TV online, right? Well, these platforms are cheaper than cable and you can even customize your plan a little bit. Plus, if you want to quit that platform, you can do that easily since there's no contract involved. The best part is that you can watch your favorite shows wherever you may be since all you need is a compatible device and an Internet connection. Let's get on to the list of the best ways to watch ABC online.

Hulu - Topping our list, we have Hulu, which is one of the best platforms on the market. The live TV plan costs $44.99 per month and includes access to dozens of channels, including ABC, and to the full Video on Demand library too. If you want to customize the plan a bit, you can add channel packs and a few premium networks too, like HBO.

YouTube TV - Next on the list, we have YouTube TV, which is a great platform that is now $50 per month. The subscription price covers access to dozens of channels, including ABC and various Discovery channels that were recently added. The only way to customize this service is by adding a few premium networks, but there are no packs to speak of. YouTube TV does feature, however, some pretty solid perks, including unlimited cloud DVR storage space, which is a clear bonus for all subscribers.

DirecTV Now - DirecTV Now is another option. There are seven bundles here now, starting with Plus ($50/mo) and Max ($70/mo), which are new, and continuing with the other five bundles that got renamed and plastered with a new price - Entertainment ($93/mo), Choice ($110/mo), Xtra ($124/mo), Ultimate ($135/mo), and Optimo Mas ($86/mo). ABC is part of all seven bundles, so you can choose the one you like the most quite easily. If you feel the need for even more content, there are a couple of packs featuring Spanish channels, several international packs, and a few premium networks too.

PlayStation Vue - PlayStation Vue is the last on our list, but it's also one of the platforms we loved the most. ABC is part of all four bundles - Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra - so you can simply get the one you like the most. If you want more content, there are two packs you can add, as well as several premium networks. The best part, however, is the perks subscribers are offered here, such as the free cloud DVR feature, the simultaneous streaming, or the split screen.

What Can You Do If ABC Isn't Available in Your Area?

Yes, we do know that ABC isn't part of the deal in all markets across the United States, which makes things a bit more complicated, but not too much. Since these platforms work like any common website and know where you are by looking at your IP address, you can easily change your IP address to match that of another location where ABC is part of the deal. Thankfully, VPNs are tools that can easily change IP addresses while also offering you protection online. Here's what needs to be done.

Note: We can't move forward without mentioning that the very same steps we just described can be used if you want to travel abroad. You see, these platforms are all geoblocked, which means you can only access them from within the United States. If you'll use a VPN and pick a US-based server you'll get to circumvent the blockade altogether. So go ahead and follow the above-mentioned steps to save yourself the headache.

Can You Watch The Fix With a TV Antenna?

Yes, it's totally possible. ABC is a channel that broadcasts over the air, which means you can watch your shows with a TV antenna. Antennas have become quite popular among cord cutters over the years since they're cheap and they allow you to watch TV for free. You can access about a dozen or two channels, with it, which may be a bit of a downside to some.

We suggest that before you make a decision, you visit a site like NoCable, which can help you check out which channels are available in your area and how strong their broadcast signal is. If it all checks out and you're happy with the results, you can even get a little bit of guidance about what range to look for in the antenna. We've kickstarted your research session with a little suggestion, a device that has great reviews from users.

How Can You Binge on The Fix Episodes?

The Fix is only on its first season, and there have been a few episodes to air already, but you can totally watch them all online. You can find all episodes that have aired over on ABC, but you'll need to log in to watch the latest ones. You can also catch The Fix on Hulu if you have a subscription there, with new episodes getting added every week after the show airs.

You also have an alternative to purchasing the episodes so you can have them in the long term. You'll find all episodes on a range of platforms, including Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, Microsoft Store, and Vudu. Make sure to check them all individually in case they have deals you may want to take advantage of.

We'd love to hear all about the platform you chose to watch The Fix on, so please drop us a note and tell us all about it in the comments section below. Share the article online if you have the time and follow TechNadu on Facebook and Twitter for more tech news, guides, reviews, and interviews.

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