How to Watch NBC’s Saturday Night Live Season 46 Without Cable: Live Stream SNL Tonight

By Gabriela Vatu / October 2, 2020

Saturday Night Live is back for yet another season, and we're going to have an interesting time with the show once more. We're going to watch Saturday Night Live online, so let's go see what you need to do to join us.

The 46th season of Saturday Night Live is debuting this week, and surprisingly, we're going to have a live audience present. Of course, due to the pandemic, they will have extremely strict rules for the people allowed to join the audience, including COVID-19 tests, and they will also be required to wear a mask

Chris Rock will be the host for the first episode, while Megan Thee Stallion will be performing. Given everything that happened this past week with the presidential debate, there will be plenty of material to get excited about.

When and Where to Watch Saturday Night Live?

Saturday Night Live premiers its 46th season on October 3rd, 2020, on NBC. New episodes will be available starting at 11:30 PM.

How Can I Live Stream Saturday Night Live in the US?

If you enjoy watching Saturday Night Live and you're hoping to switch to the internet to take the show with you anywhere, you may do that since there are plenty of live TV platforms available nowadays. Live TV services enable you to cut the cord and watch content for a lot less than you pay a traditional cable company (and with a lot fewer restrictions when it comes to canceling your account, for instance). One of our favorite live TV services to enjoy SNL is Sling TV.

Sling TV has three bundles available, but only two feature NBC, namely Blue and Orange + Blue. Before making any final choices, you need to know that Blue subscribers can watch content on three devices simultaneously, while Orange + Blue subscribers get four simultaneous streams.

You can then customize your plan by adding any of your favorite channel packs and premium networks to watch as much content as you want. There are also several deals you can get on Sling TV, so you should definitely check those out as well. Sling TV works on loads of devices, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, and many many others.

While we do enjoy how versatile Sling TV is, there are other platforms you can go for that will allow you to watch Saturday Night Live on NBC.

Hulu is another really cool service that you should consider as it features a single bundle of networks where you will find NBC. There are several channel packs you can add to your account, as well as a few premium networks, so you should look into those as well. One cool thing about Hulu is that when you subscribe to the Live TV service, you will also get to enjoy the On-Demand library, so you have multiple platforms to play with. Start your free trial on Hulu now!

fuboTV is also a service that will help you watch NBC. With a single bundle of networks and about 100 channels in there, fuboTV is certainly one platform that you should take a look into. You can customize your experience by adding channel packs and premium networks. However, you should probably start by checking out the plans they already put together that offer extra channel packs and premium networks at discount prices. Start your free trial on fuboTV now!


NBC broadcasts in select markets only, so if you happen to live in an area where you do not get coverage, use a VPN and connect to a server from a different part of the country. This will enable you to watch the channels available in that specific area, including NBC. Continue reading to figure out more details.

How Can I Watch Saturday Night Live From Anywhere?

Saturday Night Live is a really cool show, and we understand why you want to keep up with it even when you may be traveling abroad. Live TV services and streaming platforms are geo-blocked, which means you cannot technically access them from abroad because your IP will show your location, and they are only allowed to stream content within the United States.

That being said, if you use a VPN to change your IP address by routing your internet connection through one of the US-based servers, you will appear to be back home. Our recommendation is to use ExpressVPN, as it is easily one of the best tools on the market. It features thousands of servers everywhere in the world and some really great privacy features.

You simply need to subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% OFF), find the right server for your needs, and connect to it. As soon as the connection is established, you can load Sling TV and start streaming SNL.

Keep in mind that this tool offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can ask for a refund if you are not pleased with it.

How Can I Watch Saturday Night Live With a TV Antenna?

If you're hoping to find another way to watch SNL on Saturdays, you are quite lucky because TV antennas are also a perfectly valid alternative. They allow people to watch content from local networks for free, which makes them quite desirable.

Before you buy any devices, we think that you should check a site like NoCable to read more about the channels available in your specific region and how far are the other stations are from your home. This information will help you figure out what range you need your antenna to cover so that you can watch as much content as possible.

You should also check the devices we listed above in case any have them have the right features to make it into your home.

Can I Binge-Watch Saturday Night Live Older Seasons?

If you're hoping to watch all the seasons of Saturday Night Live, then you have quite a few options. First of all, you can check the new episodes right on the NBC website, and you'll be able to watch them for free for a limited time.

Then, you will also find SNL seasons over on Hulu, so you can stream them quite easily. Furthermore, now that NBC has its own streaming platform, namely Peacock, you'll also be able to stream the entire Saturday Night Live catalog and binge there as well.

How Can I Purchase Saturday Night Live Episodes and Seasons?

If you're hoping to buy episodes and seasons of Saturday Night Live, you will be able to do this as well. You just need to look into platforms like Google PlayYouTubeiTunesMicrosoft StoreAmazon Prime, and Vudu, and buy the content you are interested in.

Make sure you check all of them out in case there are discounts that you could take advantage of.

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