How to Watch ‘Outlander’ Online – Live Stream Season 5 Episodes

By Gabriela Vatu / February 19, 2020

Historical drama series are always fun to watch, but Outlander has managed to set new standards. We are going to watch Outlander online and think that you should join us since it's the easiest and most fun way to do this.

The show started airing back in 2014, and it's still going strong. Outlander focuses on the life of Claire Randall, who is a former World War II nurse who finds herself transported back in history, to 1743's Scotland.

The whole show is based on the Outlander book series, and they've been loosely following the plot. Either way, the series continues to be quite successful, and fans are eagerly awaiting the new season. The cast includes Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan in the leading roles, and many more.

When and Where to Watch Outlander?

The fifth season of Outlander is scheduled to premiere on Starz on February 16th, 2020. You'll get to watch the new episodes starting at 8 PM. The fifth season is supposed to have 12 episodes, which is one less than we got in the last three seasons.

How Can I Live Stream Outlander?

We have all become accustomed to spending a lot of time online because it just makes our lives easier, whether we're chatting with our friends, ordering food, reading the news, or catching up with our favorite shows. Watching Outlander online is super easy to do because not only is the premium channel available to add on multiple live TV platforms, but it's also possible to get as a standalone service. If you want to subscribe directly to Starz, you will have to pay $8.99 per month or $74.99 per year. The service enables you to watch all the original Starz shows, as well as any syndicated series.

Here's how you can start your Starz 7-day free trial:

Other Ways to Watch Outlander

Hulu - One of the cool platforms that will allow you to watch content from Starz is Hulu, which is a single bundle service that hosts a ton of networks. Start your 7-day free trial for Hulu today! Besides the channels that are available in the main bundle, you can also add several channel packs, as well as multiple premium networks, including Starz. If you get Starz for Hulu, you will also pay $8.99 per month for the service. An absolutely cool feature when subscribing to Hulu is that you also get access to the on-demand library that the service has been building for years.

Sling TV - One of the most customizable platforms on the market today is Sling TV, which has three bundles available named Orange, Blue, and Orange + Blue. Your choice will influence the number of devices you can watch content on. Orange subscribers get one stream, Blue subscribers can enjoy three of them, and Orange + Blue subscribers get four simultaneous streams. Start your Sling TV subscription by saving money on your first subscription month! Besides the bundle, you have to decide which channel packs and premium networks to add. An obvious decision if you want to watch Outlander is to add Starz, which luckily only costs $5 per month.

Amazon Prime - You won't be able to watch Starz directly on Amazon Prime, but you can add the network to your subscription via the Prime Channels pack. To get Starz, you will have to pay $8.99 for the subscription. The good part about this is that you'll get to watch Starz content, including Outlander, directly in the Prime Video app. You also get to pay for your subscription through a single service instead of multiple ones.

How Can I Watch Outlander Outside of the United States?

When you travel the world, there are some limitations to what you can do when it comes to the content you watch. More specifically, live TV platforms and streaming services are generally geo-blocked, so you won't be able to view any of your favorite channels when you are not inside the United States. It happens because the content is restricted beyond the US borders. The only way you can solve the problem is by changing your IP address, so the sites believe you are in the United States instead of wherever you're traveling to.

The problem can be solved easily with the help of a VPN that can change the IP for you in a matter of seconds. One of our recommendations is ExpressVPN, which comes with thousands of servers all over the world, and some great privacy features that will keep your data secure.

Here's how you can use ExpressVPN to watch Outlander:

Can I Watch Outlander on the Network's Website?

Well, technically, this is possible, but it is a subscription-based service, so if you're going to watch the show on the Starz website, you will need to have a subscription, which we already covered.

Can I Binge-watch Outlander?

Binge-watching Outlander's four seasons is easy to do because the show is available to stream on the Starz website. You can also enjoy the show on Netflix, although only three seasons are available there so far, as well as on Hulu, where you will find all four seasons and new episodes from the fifth season will pile up soon.

Can I Purchase Episodes From Outlander?

Absolutely! If you love Outlander enough to watch it whenever you want on your devices, then you might also want to purchase the episodes, so you can watch them offline and have them for a very long time. One of the ways you can do this is to buy individual episodes or the four seasons from platforms like Google Play, YouTube, iTunes, Microsoft Store, Amazon Prime, and Vudu. You should check all the links available in case any of them has a better deal for you, and you get to save some money.

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