How to Watch ‘Mountain Mamas’ Online – Live Stream Season 1 Episodes

By Gabriela Vatu / July 25, 2019

It seems there is a growing number of people moving over to Montana and the Mountain Mamas are there to help everyone out. A new show is heading over to HGTV this summer, and we can't wait to start watching it too. If you want to watch Mountain Mamas online, we can help you figure out how to do it.

The new show is called Mountain Mamas and features real estate agents Jackie Wickens and Trecie Wheat Hughes, and they will help clients sort through historic homes, from log cabins to rent houses, mixing in Trecie's design sense and Jackie's contract construction knowledge.

Mountain Mamas is landing on HGTV on August 10th at 11 PM. If you want to watch the new show online, you need one of the platforms we will shortly discuss.

How to Watch Mountain Mamas Online?

Enjoying content online is something we all do, and we sometimes forget that we don't always have access to all the content everywhere we go. Live TV platforms and streaming services, for instance, are geo-blocked due to licensing deals. So if you travel abroad, you're going to need to use a VPN to change your IP address and make it seem like you are still within the United States. Here's what you need to do.

Can You Watch Mountain Mamas on HGTV's Website?

Yes, you can do that because HGTV's website features a live stream that you can access. In order to do that, however, you're going to need to log in to an account for which you will have to provide TV provider credentials. These can come from your live TV platform account or your cable company, but we do suggest you go for the former because they give you access to a lot more channels online.

How to Watch Mountain Mamas Without Cable?

For quite a few years now live TV platforms have flourished because they have many advantages. One of these is the fact that you don't have to pay as much as you do on cable TV. Furthermore, since there are no contracts involved, you can unsubscribe at any given moment. Plus, the best part is that you get to watch TV wherever you may be as long as you have as little as a smartphone and an internet connection. Let's see what platforms will help you watch Mountain Mamas.

fuboTV - We're kicking off the list with fuboTV, which is a platform that features a single bundle of channels. The fubo bundle features dozens of channels, including HGTV so you can watch your new favorite show online. There are a bunch of customization options in the form of extra channel packs, but there are also quite a few premium networks that you can add.

Sling TV - We continue our list with Sling TV, which is a platform that comes with three bundles to choose from, namely Orange, Blue, and Orange + Blue, and HGTV is present in all three bundles, so you can pick the one you like the most. Your choice will also influence the number of simultaneous streams that you can enjoy the service on. The Orange bundle comes with a single stream, the Blue one allows up to 3 simultaneous streams, and the Orange + Blue one provides subscribers with a way to watch on up to four devices at once. There are a lot of channel packs that you can add on Sling TV, as well as loads of premium networks and a la carte channels.

Philo - We also have Philo on our list, which is a single bundle platform that is quite simplistic. What we mean by that is that there is a single bundle of channels and it features 58 networks, including HGTV. There are no ways to customize your plan because there are no channel packs and no premium networks to add.

Hulu - We continue our list with Hulu, which is a single bundle platform that we are pretty sure you are familiar with since it's been running its video-on-demand service for quite a long time now. The live TV platform costs $44.99 per month and gives users access to dozens of channels, as well as the full video-on-demand library. HGTV is part of the offering here, so you don't have to look any further. If you do want to customize the plan a bit, there are a couple of channel packs that were added, as well as as a few premium networks.

YouTube TV - We also have YouTube TV on the list, which is a service that comes with unlimited cloud DVR storage space. For $49.99 per month, subscribers can enjoy dozens of channels including HGTV, which is pretty great. There are no channel packs to add here, but you can add quite a few premium networks.

DirecTV Now - The list continues with DirecTV Now which is a platform that features no less than seven different bundles. Two of these, namely Plus and Max, were added earlier this year and neither feature HGTV. The other five bundles have been around for quite some time and they are called Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Ultimate, and Optimo Mas, you will find HGTV in all but the last one. If you want to customize your plan, you can add a couple of packs featuring Spanish channels, as well as three packs featuring international channels, and other premium networks.

PlayStation Vue - Now we have Playstation Vue on the list, which is a great service that comes with notable features, such as enough cloud DVR storage space for 500 programs and five simultaneous streams for all subscribers. There are four bundles here, and they are called Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra. HGTV is present in all four bundles, so you get to pick the one that has the best channel combination or the right price for your monthly budget. If you want to customize your plan a bit, there are a couple of channel packs available, as well as plenty of premium networks.

Can You Binge-Watch Mountain Mamas?

Since this is a new show, you won't be able to find any episodes currently. When it does start airing, however, you're going to be able to watch the episodes directly on HGTV's website. On top of this, you will also be able to find the episodes on Hulu where the service regularly sends off its series.

You will also be able to purchase individual episodes or the entire season from platforms like Google Play, iTunes, YouTube, Microsoft Store, Vudu, and Amazon Prime. We will be back to update the list with links when they become available, but we suggest you look through all the links before you make a purchase because they may have better deals available for you.

We would love to hear back from you so you can tell us which live TV platform you chose to watch Mountain Mamas on so please drop us a note in the comments section below the article. Share the article online with friends and family and follow TechNadu for or more tech news, guides, reviews, and interviews straight on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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