How to Watch ‘How to Get Away With Murder’ Online – Live Stream the Final Season 6

By Gabriela Vatu / September 16, 2019

Yet another good show is coming to an end, as How to Get Away With Murder has reached the final leg of the story. The sixth and final season of How to Get Away With Murder is landing on TV this fall, and we plan to watch it online, so we will teach you how to do this too.

The first time How to Get Away With Murder aired was back in 2014. Viola Davis's character has evolved quite a bit, gone through a lot over the seasons after getting involved in crime. As the new season approaches, the teaser trailer shows that Connor is having some issues and Laurel is still nowhere to be found, while the casket presented in the cemetery in the trailer makes us hope that she hasn't been killed off.

The sixth season will feature 15 episodes, much like the previous ones have, so we expect a season finale sometime around late February or early March.

When and Where to Watch How to Get Away With Murder?

The final season of How to Get Away With Murder begins on September 26th on ABC, so we are quite eager to start watching the show again. New episodes will run on Thursdays at 10 P.M.

How can I watch How to Get Away With Murder?

It is easier than ever to watch TV online nowadays because there are so many live TV platforms to help you achieve this in a few easy steps. PlayStation Vue is one of the best ways to watch ABC's shows because it has four different bundles that will offer you a lot of room to choose from. Start your 7-Day free trial on Playstation Vue!

Customers of PlayStation Vue can enjoy watching content on up to five devices at the same time and recording up to 500 programs to the Cloud. All comes at no additional cost for the customer, which can't be said about other similar services. As mentioned, ABC is present in all four bundles, namely Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra. PlayStation Vue works on a large number of devices, including PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, IOS and Android phones and tablets, as well as Roku devices, and Chromecast. (Note: PlayStation Vue is a service that only works within the United States, so you need to use a VPN if you want to watch when you are traveling abroad. Click here to learn how to do this in just a few easy steps.)

Here is what you need to know to set up a Playstation Vue account and enjoy a 7-Day free trial:

Other Ways to Watch How to Get Away With Murder

YouTube TV - YouTube TV is one of the best options on our list because it comes with dozens of TV channels gathered up in a single bundle. All subscribers can watch content on up to three devices at the same time and record unlimited numbers of videos to the Cloud. ABC is part of the main bundle and there are no extra channel packs to add here, but there are a few premium networks that you can try out.

Hulu - We also have Hulu on the list, which is a great service that enables people to watch dozens of TV channels, including ABC. Not only will you get access to dozens of TV channels by paying your subscription, but you will also gain access to the video-on-demand library that Hulu provides itself with.

How Can I Watch How to Get Away With Murder Outside of the United States?

One of the biggest inconveniences, when you travel abroad and want to access the platforms that you pay for, is that live TV services and streaming platforms are all geo-blocked so you can't access them when you are outside of the United States. If you want to bypass the whole problem, you need to use a VPN service to change your IP address and trick the site into thinking you haven't left at all. We can only recommend going with ExpressVPN, because it's easily one of the best on the market, with thousands of servers across the world and some tight security and privacy features.

Here's what you need to do to create an account and start using ExpressVPN whenever you travel abroad:

Can I Watch How to Get Away With Murder on ABC's Website?

That is something that you should be able to do because ABC's website features a live stream that you can access. In order to do this, you're going to need to use credentials from your TV provider, which can be a live TV service or cable company. Basically, ABC needs proof that you are paying a TV subscription that includes their channel. (Note: You should also keep in mind that ABC's website is also geographically blocked, so when traveling outside of the United States you're going to need the same VPN to bypass the whole situation. Click here to learn how to do this in a few easy steps.)

Can I Watch How to Get Away With Murder With a TV Antenna?

ABC's one of the few channels that continues to broadcast over-the-air, so you can technically use an antenna to watch the show if you live in the area that gets access to the channel. TV antennas are particularly popular with cord-cutters because they are an easy way to watch TV for free, and by only paying a small price for an antenna.

Before making any purchases, we suggest you try out a site such as NoCable, that will tell you more about all the channels that are available over-the-air in your specific location. Furthermore, you will also learn more about how far the broadcast stations are from your location, so you can figure out what range need to look for in a device. We have already given you a suggestion in terms of great devices, but you can do your own research if you want more options to choose from.

Can I Binge-Watch How to Get Away With Murder?

That should be quite simple to do because How to Get Away With Murder episodes can be found on the ABC website, although they are in limited numbers. The alternative is going for Hulu, which has all the seasons from the show and you can watch them whenever you feel like it.

Can I Purchase How to Get Away With Murder Episodes?

That is also something that you can do if you're a big fan and want to make sure that you can re-watch the show whenever you feel like it. How to Get Away With Murder episodes are available to purchase from platforms like Google PlayYouTubeAmazon Prime, VuduiTunes, or Microsoft Store. Make sure to check all the links before paying anything, because these platforms may be running deals that are available to you depending on which episode or season you want to buy and when you are making the purchase.

Please drop us a note in the comments section below the article and tell us which live TV platform you chose to watch How to Get Away With Murder on, and tell us why you enjoy it. Share the article online with friends and family and follow TechNadu on Facebook and Twitter to read more tech news, guides, reviews, and interviews.

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