How to Watch ‘Hollywood Game Night’ Online: Live Stream Season 6

By Gabriela Vatu / June 13, 2019

The summer is meant for relaxing themes, so Hollywood Game Night fits right in with the rest of the programming that will run on American TV networks in the next few months. Hosted by none other than Jane Lynch, the show's new season will premiere on July 11th.

This will be the sixth season of Hollywood Game Night, a show that is currently hosted by Jane Lynch, an actress that won numerous Emmys, GoldenGlobes, and so on. The show focuses on pitting two teams of four against each other, each team featuring three celebrities and a contestant. The teams need to gather points based on how they perform in the games. The team who has the most points after five rounds gets to play a bonus round. One of the celebrities plays for the chance to win $10,000 for a charity of their choice, and the contestant plays for $25,000.

This year, there's already been a special episode that aired on May 24th in support for the Red Nose Day charity. Kelly Clarkson and Kristen Bell are two of the celebrities that took part in this particular episode.

Again, the new season premieres on July 11th, 2019, at 9/8c on NBC. Let's see what you need to know moving forward.

How to Watch Hollywood Game Night Online?

In this day and age, we use the Internet to watch loads of content, including TV thanks to all the live streams and the live TV services that facilitate this. Well, since you can watch online, you may think that you have total freedom, but that's not exactly the case here. In fact, if you happen to travel abroad, you immediately get blocked from accessing any of the content. This happens, of course, due to licensing deals that are in place, preventing platforms from streaming content outside of the US. Thankfully, these sites know where you are by looking at your IP address and IPs are easy to change if you'll subscribe to a VPN service. Let's see what you need to do.

Note: We have to point out another thing here because it's NBC that Hollywood Game Show is available on - NBC is a channel that is available in "select markets" across live TV platforms. If you happen to be living in an area where NBC isn't a part of the deal, you can use the same VPN to pick a server located in a different US city, such as New York City, where you know a channel is an option. Once connected, the live TV platform should serve you with the channels assigned to that particular area.

Can You Watch Hollywood Game Night on NBC's Website?

Yes, the game show can be watched live over the NBC stream. In order to get access to the stream, however, you need to log into an account, and therefore to associate a TV provider account. This account can either be from a traditional cable company or a live TV platform. Since we're talking about watching content online, however, you might want to consider the latter.

How to Watch Hollywood Game Night Without Cable?

Nowadays, we use the Internet for pretty much anything, so it makes sense to also watch TV in the same way. Live TV platforms have risen to fame in the past few years and there's a good reason for this since they offer dozens of channels and way better prices than traditional cable providers. Plus, you can cancel at any point in time because there's no contract to keep you tied down. Of course, there's also the fact that you can watch wherever you may be as long as you have an Internet connection and a compatible device. Let's see what options lay ahead of you.

fuboTV - Topping our list is fuboTV, which is a great platform that delivers a single bundle nowadays, named fubo. While the platform does have a particular focus on sports, they now feature plenty of entertainment networks, and more are incoming. NBC is part of the offering, so you don't need to look any further. If you want more content, you can add loads of channel packs full of sports networks, as well as several premium channels.

Sling TV - The next platform is Sling TV, a service that is quite versatile thanks to the many customization options it offers. You start off picking one of three bundles - Orange, Blue, and Orange + Blue - and continue by adding interest-based channel packs and premium networks. NBC is present in two of the three original bundles, namely Blue and Orange + Blue, so you get to pick the one you like best, although we do suggest you go for the second one. Make sure to check out our Sling TV review to better understand what the service has to offer.

Hulu - Next, we have Hulu which is a name we're sure you're familiar with thanks to the video on demand service it has. There are dozens of channels you can enjoy here via the live TV plan for just $44.99 per month, including NBC, but you also get access to the full VOD library. There are a couple of channel packs you can add if you want to customize your subscription a bit, as well as several premium networks, such as HBO and Showtime. Read up on our Hulu review to find out everything you need to know.

YouTube TV - Next, we have YouTube TV, which is another single-bundle platform that costs only $49.99 per month nowadays. There are dozens of channels they offer with the subscription, including NBC, so you can easily enjoy watching Hollywood Game Night too. Since there are no channel packs available, you can add some premium networks instead.

DirecTV Now - We also have DirecTV Now on the list, which is a platform that has a lot of bundles, going from five to seven earlier this year. The first two are new, namely Plus and Max, and they both feature HBO and NBC plus dozens of other channels. The other five bundles aren't new in any way and were, in fact, just renamed so they could justify the new prices that are double to what they used to be - Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Ultimate, and Optimo Mas. In case you still want more content, you can add a couple of packs featuring Spanish channels, three international packs, and a bunch of premium networks.

PlayStation Vue - We also have PlayStation Vue on the list, which is a service that has four bundles to pick between - Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra. NBC is part of all bundles, so your choice can hang on whether the bundles have the channels you're looking for or if they have the right prices. You can add a couple of channel packs if you want to customize your subscription further or even several premium networks. The best part of this platform is the fact that subscribers get to enjoy enough Cloud DVR storage space for 500 programs and five simultaneous streams.

Can You Watch NBC With a TV Antenna?

Yes, you can. NBC is one of the channels that still broadcast over the air, which means that it should be quite easy to enjoy the shows with a TV antenna, as long as you live in an area that gets access to this channel. People have been switching to TV antennas for years now, especially since the devices are relatively cheap and you get to watch TV for free afterward. Frankly, the only downside we could find is that you only get to enjoy a small number of channels that varies on your location.

Before you make a decision, we suggest you visit a platform like NoCable which can tell you exactly which channels are broadcast in your area and how strong their signal is. This should help you decide whether or not a TV antenna is a good option for you, as well as what range to look for when shopping for an antenna. We've already suggested you one that's pretty great if we're to trust the reviews users have left on the page, but you can do your own research.

Can You Watch Other Episodes of Hollywood Game Night?

Absolutely! You can find episodes from Hollywood Game Night on NBC's own website. There are only a few episodes available now from season 5 and 6 (the specials), but you'll be able to find the new episodes too once they start airing. You'll find the same setup on Hulu if you'd rather watch there.

We couldn't find any of the seasons over on the platforms that usually carry the episodes and seasons for purchase, such as Google Play or iTunes, but we'll update in the event of anything changing.

We can't wait to hear all about the platform you ended up choosing to watch Hollywood Game Night and other TV shows from here on out. So, please drop us a note in the comments section below to tell us all about it. Share the article online if you have the time and follow TechNadu on our socials -  Facebook and Twitter - for more guides, reviews, tech news, and interviews.

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