How to Watch ‘Fridge Wars’ Online – Live Stream Season 1

The CW is getting a brand new competition show for us to enjoy over the summer. We’re planning on watching Fridge Wars online, so let’s go figure out how you could be doing the very same thing.

This new show will put top Canadian chefs against each other in a challenge to create extraordinary meals using the ingredients that random people across Canada have in their fridges. As we all complain day in and day out that we have absolutely no idea what to cook next, this show will take what is in these people’s fridges and put together a delicious meal, offering all of us some inspiration.

Not only will they have limited ingredients to put together their meals, but they will also have only 45 minutes to do so now – because, obviously, no one at home wants to spend countless hours trying to create a meal after work.

When and Where to Watch Fridge Wars?

Fridge Wars will premiere on The CW on August 2nd, 2020. New episodes will be available on Sundays at 8 PM, so make sure you have the time to watch it.

How Can I Live Stream Fridge Wars?

Watching Fridge Wars online is not going to be difficult at all because loads of live TV platforms were created precisely for this purpose. And that is to help you watch your favorite events and shows in the comfort of your home, the office, or anywhere else you need to be as long as you have a smart device.

Hulu is one of our favorite live TV platforms because it simply enables us to watch dozens of channels, including The CW. You will find The CW is part of the main bundle. Still, you can go ahead and add any of their available extra channel packs or premium networks. There are also add-ons available to help expand the cloud DVR storage space capacity or give you more simultaneous streams to enjoy on your account.

Hulu + Live TV

Live TV & Streaming In One Place With Hulu. Watch your favorite live sports, news, entertainment, and more. Plus, get unlimited access to the entire Hulu streaming library.

One cool thing about Hulu is that when you subscribe to the Live TV service, they also give you access to everything they have available on Hulu On-Demand, so you get two platforms in one. Hulu has loads of apps that you can download, including for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, and more.


The CW is a channel that broadcasts in select markets only, so if you live in an area where you do not get coverage, you should use a VPN and pick a server from a different city where the channel is available. Click here to find out more.

Other Ways to Watch Fridge Wars Online

While Hulu is a pretty good option, there are also other live TV services that you can try out. Here are some of those that will deliver The CW.

fuboTV – This is a pretty awesome service because it features dozens of networks in a single bundle. Of course, they have several plans, and they mix in the main bundle with various extra channel packs and premium networks, and you can pick whichever one you like best.

There are also channel packs and premium networks you can add yourself, as well as add-ons to expand the cloud DVR storage space capacity or the number of simultaneous streams. Start your free trial on fuboTV now!

YouTube TV – You also find The CW over on YouTube TV, which is pretty awesome because this service has a really cool collection of channels. There is a single bundle available here, where you can add extra premium networks to your account, as no channel packs are available.

However, when it comes to YouTube TV, you should know there are some really cool perks attached to your subscription, such as unlimited cloud DVR storage space and three simultaneous streams at no additional cost

How Can I Watch Fridge Wars When Travelling outside of the United States?

If you happen to be traveling outside of the United States, you should not be discouraged by the fact that you cannot access the live TV platforms and streaming services you are subscribed to anymore. These services are geo-blocked, so you will need a little help to access anything, as they will deny your access as soon as they detect a foreign IP address.

Therefore, in order to watch anything you want, you will need to use a VPN to change your IP address. A VPN will route your internet connection through its private servers and assign a new IP address to your device.

If you don’t know which tool to use, we can recommend ExpressVPN because it’s such a cool app to have, with thousands of servers worldwide and some great privacy features.

You simply have to subscribe to ExpressVPN (49% OFF), download the apps for your devices, and connect to a server from the United States. Then, you have to load Hulu and simply start watching Fridge Wars when it comes up. Keep in mind that there is also a 30-day money-back guarantee involved, so you are covered if you don’t like the tool and want a refund.

Can I Watch Fridge Wars With a TV Antenna?

Watching with a TV antenna is something that you can do fairly easily because The CW is one of the channels that still broadcast over-the-air. Therefore, using an antenna to watch the local version of The CW should be easy enough.

However, before you make any purchases, we think it’s best to visit a site like NoCable to learn more about which channels broadcast in your specific region and whether The CW is on that list. Furthermore, you will also find out what other channels are available around you and how far the broadcast stations are. The latter should help you figure out exactly what range your new device should cover.

Talking of which, you should definitely check the devices we listed above in case any of them have the right features for you and your household.

Can I Binge-Watch Fridge Wars?

Absolutely! The CW is the place where you’re actually going to be able to watch the new episodes, as the channel only uploads its shows to the website.

The most recent five episodes will be available to stream, and you simply have to load the website. Most often than not, CW shows are available to stream after they air for free.


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