How to Watch ‘Cannonball’ Online – Live Stream Season 1

Summertime is all about the light content, and the contests that keep it fun, and that’s exactly what Cannonball is all about. Scheduled to premiere soon on USA Network, this show is bound to keep us entertained. Let’s figure out how we can watch Cannonball online.

Cannonball is going to have Mike Mizanin as host, alongside Rocsi Diaz and Simon Gibson. The contest will see folks face off in one of the biggest and most slippery water sports competitions ever as they try to win $10,000 each week.

There will be obstacles, there will be a lot of slipping and falling, and we’re certainly going to get a good laugh out of this show.

When and Where to Watch Cannonball?

Cannonball will premiere on USA Network on July 9th. New episodes will kick off at 8 PM, and it seems we’re going to get 10 of these to enjoy.

How Can I Live Stream Cannonball?

Those of you who are hoping to watch Cannonball online should know that this is perfectly possible because there are loads of live TV platforms that were created to watch a lot of good content with the help of our favorite devices. One of the best places to watch Cannonball is Hulu, which is a pretty simple platform that features a single bundle of networks where you will find USA Network.

Start your free trial on Hulu now

There are a couple of extra channel packs you can add to your subscription, as well as several premium networks, so you might want to look into that as well. One cool thing about subscribing to Hulu, however, is that you get access to the Hulu On-Demand library when you subscribe to the Live TV service, so you basically have two platforms at once. You can download the Hulu app for pretty much any device you have at home, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, and more.


Hulu only works in the States, so if you’re planning on traveling abroad and continuing to have access to it, you should use a VPN. You can click here to get more details on what steps you need to take to make this work.

Here’s how you can start your free trial on Hulu:

  • The first step on your list needs to be visiting Hulu’s Live TV web page. Once you start building up a Hulu subscription, you will be taken to a new page where you have to fill in some personal details.
  • Next, you get to choose the Live TV plan and add any channel packs or premium networks you are interested in.
  • There are also several add-ons available to expand the cloud DVR storage space capacity or the number of simultaneous streams allowed on your account.
  • Then, you get to fill in your card details so they can charge you once the free trial is over.

Other Ways to Watch Cannonball Online

fuboTV – fuboTV is another solid option for those who want to enjoy TV online. This service has several plans you can choose from that include hundreds of networks. USA Network is part of the deal, so you only get loads more to enjoy. There are also several channel packs and premium networks you can add to your account, so you’ll have loads of fun with those. Start your fuboTV free trial now!

Sling TV – Sling TV is one of the most versatile platforms on the market, as it features three bundles to choose from. USA Network is only part of two of these bundles, namely Blue and Orange + Blue, so you get to pick whichever one you like best. You do need to be aware that Blue subscribers can watch content on three devices simultaneously, while Orange + Blue subscribers get four simultaneous streams. Therefore, this is something you should take into account, depending on your viewing needs. There are then channel packs and premium networks you can add to your account to make this service fit your needs specifically. Get $10 off (first month only) on Sling TV Now!

How Can I Watch Cannonball When Traveling Outside of the United States?

If you are outside of the United States or you are planning to leave soon, you should know that live TV platforms and streaming services from the United States are all geo-blocked. It means that you cannot access any of the content from abroad because your IP will give away your actual location. Therefore, the solution to your problem is to change your IP address with the help of a VPN. This way, you could watch all the content from that specific area, as your IP will make you appear to be in the United States. That being said, we recommend ExpressVPN because this is a great tool, with thousands of servers across the world, including dozens here in the United States.

Here’s how you can use ExpressVPN to watch Cannonball:

  • First, you have to visit the ExpressVPN website and subscribe to the service (49% OFF). The process is quick, and you’ll get away with an account in just a few moments. ExpressVPN has a 30-day money-back guarantee policy, which means that you can ask for a refund within that time frame should there be any issues with your subscription.
  • Next, you need to download the app for your device and install it. Follow up by launching the tool and logging in to your account as soon as possible, so the app becomes available to use immediately.
  • Look for a server that’s located in the United States and connect to it.
  • When the app completes the connection, you will be notified of this, and then you can go ahead and load Hulu so you can start watching Cannonball online.

Can I Watch Cannonball Live on the Network’s Website?

Watching Cannonball on the USA Network website is something that you can do. To gain access to the live stream, you’re going to have to log in to an account to prove that you have a TV subscription that includes USA Network. You can use credentials from the live TV platforms we’ve been talking about or a cable company if you haven’t cut the cord yet.


The USA Network live stream is also geo-blocked, so you cannot access it from abroad as easily as you do at home, which means that you will need a VPN to make things work. Click here to get the details on all the steps you have to take.

Can I Binge-Watch Cannonball?

Binge-watching Cannonball is something that will be fairly easy to do, as you only have to wait for the episodes to pile up on the USA Network website. Also, USA Network shows usually end up available to stream as well, so you should check platforms like Hulu and Netflix as well, but it’s probably going to be a while before they are available.

Can I Purchase Cannonball Episodes?

Again, this will be a bit of a wait-and-see situation. Still, USA Network shows are usually available to buy from multiple platforms such as Google Play, YouTube, iTunes, Microsoft Store, Amazon Prime, or Vudu. Since it’s a game show, whether or not this will be available to purchase remains to be seen once the show starts airing. Either way, you should visit multiple platforms before making any purchases just in case they have deals available for you, so you get to save a little bit of money.


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