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How to Watch ‘Bring the Funny’ Online: Live Stream the New Show

Written by Gabriela Vatu
Published on June 7, 2019

Who doesn't love to laugh? We know we do! And we know how much we love some of the faces that are going to bring smiles to our homes with the new NBC show called Bring the Funny! If you want to watch Bring the Funny live online, we're going to help you get it done!

The new show will feature names you're likely already familiar with - Jeff Foxworthy, Chrissy Teigen, Amanda Seales, and Kenan Thompson. The show will have ten episodes and feature stand-ups, sketch troupes, and comedic variety acts. Basically, anyone who can make an audience laugh has a chance to $250,000 in prize and their name featured on the show.

Bring the Funny will premiere on July 9th, 2019 on NBC, at 7/9 and Amanda Seales will be the host of the show, while the other three names we already mentioned will act as judges. Let's see how you can watch this show online.

How to Watch Bring the Funny Online?

Ok, so, the only way to watch this show live online is via a live stream on NBC's website or a live TV platform. Regardless of which one you pick, you need to know that they're both geoblocked. This means that you don't get to watch anything if you have to travel outside of the United States because your IP will inform the site of your location. The only way to get around this is to change your IP address and to trick the system and for that, you need to subscribe to a VPN service. Here's what you need to do.

Note: Since this is NBC we're talking about that will broadcast this new show, we have to mention that it's actually a channel that is available in "select markets." Basically, you may very well live in a city that doesn't get the network and if that happens, you need to know there's a way around the problem. Simply follow the above-mentioned steps and pick a server located in a different US city that has a better chance of getting NBC such as New York City.

Can You Watch Bring the Funny on NBC's Website?

Well, yes, because NBC's website does feature a live stream you can enjoy. But in order to do this, you need to log into an account with credentials from your TV provider, whether we're talking about cable companies or live TV services. Since we're discussing how you can watch Bring the Funny online, however, we do suggest you subscribe to a live TV platform anyway.

How to Watch Bring the Funny Without Cable?

Nowadays, we can watch TV quite easily over the Internet thanks to the many live TV platforms that have been born. These platforms all offer a better price than cable companies do, which is a great benefit, and there's no contract to tie you down if you want to quit the service. Plus, you can watch at work, at home, and wherever else you may feel like since all you need is to have an Internet connection and a compatible device.

fuboTV - We're kicking off the list with fuboTV, which is a great service that offers loads of sports channels, but also entertainment networks. There's a single bundle here nowadays, called fubo, and it does feature NBC, so you're good to go. If you want more content you can add a bunch of channel packs and plenty of premium networks. Plus, if you pick any of the pre-made packs, you'll get better prices for the feature add-ons or channel packs.

Sling TV - Next, we have Sling TV, which is a great platform with loads of great features. There are three bundles to start off with - Orange, Blue, and Orange + Blue. If you want more content you can add any of the packs with channels grouped by theme. NBC is present in the Blue and Orange + Blue bundles, so you can pick the one you like best or has the right price for you.

Hulu - The list continues with Hulu, which is a great platform that mixes in live TV with video on demand. In fact, the $44.99 per month service includes access to both dozens of channels, as well as the full video on demand library. NBC is part of the deal because it's part of the Hulu bundle. You can still add a couple of channel packs if you want more content, as well as a bunch of premium networks.

YouTube TV - YouTube TV is another great platform you can subscribe to for only $49.99 per month, with its single bundle featuring dozens of cool channels, including NBC. If you want to customize the plan, there are no channel packs to add, but there are quite a few premium networks available. This service has some remarkable features to serve subscribers, such as unlimited Cloud DVR.

DirecTV Now - We continue with DirecTV Now, which is a versatile platform with tons of bundles to pick between. There are seven bundles here, two of which were added earlier this spring, namely Plus and Max, while the other five - Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Ultimate, and Optimo Mas - were simply renamed and given a new price that's double than it used to be. All seven bundles have NBC, so you can pick the one that has the right channel combo for you or the right price for your budget. You can add more content by picking any of the two packs with Spanish channels, three international packs, and the premium networks.

PlayStation Vue - Finally, we have PlayStation Vue on the list, which is a great service with some really cool features. There are four bundles to choose between on PlayStation Vue, namely Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra. NBC is part of all bundles, so your decision will have to have to be based on something else. There are a couple of channel packs you can add here if you need more content, as well as several premium networks, including HBO. The best features come in the form of the features that are served to users such as enough Cloud DVR storage space for 500 programs, or the five simultaneous streams.

Can You Watch NBC With a TV Antenna?

Yes, NBC does broadcast over the air still, so you can enjoy the service in this way. What you'll need, of course, is a TV antenna. Cord cutters are particularly fond of these antennas and with good reasons since they're reasonably priced and you get to watch TV for free. Of course, there's the downside that you only get to enjoy a dozen or two channels, but you can't really complain since this whole thing is free.

We do suggest, however, that before you make any definitive decisions, you visit a site like NoCable which comes with loads of info about which channels broadcast in your area and just how strong their signal is. If it all goes according to plan, you can proceed and get yourself a TV antenna. We've given you a kickstart and suggested one device that we found to be quite great, with loads of positive reviews from users. If you don't like our suggestion, you can do your own research.

Can You Binge on Bring the Funny?

Well, not right now, but you will be able to do this soon. Once the episodes start airing, they'll even be available over NBC and you'll be allowed to watch them for free for a limited time period. Then, you'll also be able to purchase individual episodes or the entire series from a range of platforms, including Google Play, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Vudu, iTunes, and Microsoft Store. Since no episode has aired so far, we don't have any links, but we'll update when we do.

We can't wait to hear all about the platform you ended up choosing to watch TV on from here on out. So, please drop us a note in the comments section below. Share the article online if you have the time and follow TechNadu on our socials - Facebook or Twitter - for more guides, reviews, tech news, and interviews.

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