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How to Watch ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Online – Live Stream Season 10 Episodes

Written by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated August 22, 2019

After nine seasons we can probably say that Bob's Burgers is a classic animated TV series. Thankfully, a 10th season is coming onto Fox this autumn and we can't wait to watch it all online.

Bob's Burger is an animated sitcom that premiered back in 2011. Throughout its history, it has received mixed reviews from viewers and critics, but the show continues to stand on and has a massive fanbase, so it seems that they are doing something right. After all, in July of 2020, there's even a feature film that's going to land on TV.

A 10th season is premiering on September 29th, and we are quite eager to watch it all online. We cannot wait to see what the butcher family is going to do next and how it's going to keep us all entertained.

How to Watch Bob's Burgers Online?

When you travel abroad, you can expect to have some issues in consuming the content that you normally do, and that's exactly the case with live TV platforms and streaming services, solely because there are licensing deals in place that prevent these companies from allowing the broadcast to take place outside of the United States. The situation can easily be fixed by connecting to a VPN service, which can help you change your IP address to trick the site into believing you're still within the United States. This is actually quite easily done, and we will guide you for the whole process so you know what to do.

Note: We have to point out that Fox is a channel that is broadcasted in select markets only, so you may face another issue if the channel is not available in your specific location. If that's the case for you, you can use the above-mentioned steps and use a VPN to connect to a server that is located in a different city in the United States, that does have access to Fox. 

Can You Watch Bob's Burgers on the Fox Website?

Yes, that is something that you can do, because Fox is the channel that features a live stream on its website. This will make it easy for you to watch Bob's Burgers directly on their website, but you will need to log in to an account by using credentials from your TV provider, whether that's a live TV service or a cable company.

How to Watch Bob's Burgers Without Cable?

Watching Bob's Burgers without cable can be something that's quite easy because there are a lot of live TV platforms available that will grant you access to Fox. These platforms offer better prices than cable companies do, which makes subscribing to them easier. Talking about subscriptions, there are no contracts involved, so you can quit the platform whenever you no longer like the service. Plus, you get the freedom that comes with watching content online, so you can enjoy your favorite shows whenever they start airing, whether you're on the bus, at work, or at home. Let's see what platforms can help you watch this show online.

fuboTV - We are starting our list with fuboTV, which is a platform that has a single bundle of channels for you to enjoy. Fox is part of the main bundle, but you can add more content by choosing any number of extra packs that they have available. Several premium networks are also available to subscribe to.

Sling TV - The next one to make our list is Sling TV, which is a service that features three bundles - Orange, Blue, and Orange + Blue. You will only find Fox on the Blue and Orange + Blue bundles, and your choice will also influence the number of devices that you can watch content on, with the Blue subscriber is getting three simultaneous streams and the Orange + Blue subscribers getting four of them. You can add a lot of channel packs, depending on where your interests lie, and quite a few premium and a la carte channels, too.

Hulu - We have Hulu next, which is a name we are pretty sure you are accustomed to, and its live TV service will help you watch dozens of channels, including Fox. Your subscription price also includes access to the video-on-demand library, so you can watch those too. There are only a couple of channel packs available on Hulu, but you can add those along with several premium networks, such as HBO.

YouTube TV  - We continue with YouTube TV, which is a single bundle platform that offers all subscribers unlimited Cloud DVR storage space, which is pretty great. Fox is available in the main bundle, which is great because there are actually no extra channel packs to add here. There are, however, quite a few premium networks that you can try out.

AT&T TV Now - We also have AT&T TV Now on the list, which is a service that has seven bundles to offer. These are called Plus and Max, which are newer, and Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Ultimate, and Optimo Mas. Fox is present in all seven bundles, so you can choose the one you like best. When it comes to customizing your subscription, you can add a couple of packs featuring Spanish channels, three packs featuring international channels, and several premium networks.

PlayStation Vue - We continue with PlayStation Vue, which is a service that brings all subscribers access to five simultaneous streams and enough Cloud DVR storage space for 500 programs. There are four bundles present here, namely Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra, and they all feature Fox. The platform also features a couple of channel packs that you can add to your subscription and several premium networks, including HBO.

Can You Watch Bob's Burgers Where the TV Antenna?

Yes, that is something that you can do, because Fox is a channel that continues to broadcast over-the-air, so you will be able to "catch" it with a TV antenna. Antennas are quite cheap to purchase, and you get to enjoy dozens of TV channels for free, which makes things even better.

We suggest you visit a site such as NoCable, that can give you more information about the TV channels that are available in your particular location and the strength of the broadcast signal for any of them. This should help you choose the range that you need for your device. We already provided you with an option, which is a device that has some great reviews from users. But you can do your own research if you would rather have more options.

Can You Binge-Watch Bob's Burgers?

Yes, that is something that you can do. You will find several episodes on Fox's website, and you can also check out all the seasons on Hulu. If you don't have a subscription, we suggest you look into it.

You can also purchase the episodes or the full seasons from platforms like Google Play, YouTube, iTunes, Microsoft Store, Amazon Prime, and Vudu, and we suggest you check all the links before paying anything, because any of them may have a better deal for you, depending on what you're looking for and when you're making the purchase.

Finally, we hope that you find a great way to watch Bob's Burgers online and we ask that you tell us which platform you chose and why you did it. You will find the comment section below the article so, please drop us a note there. Share the article online with friends and family so they can find a great way to watch Bob's Burgers too, and follow TechNadu on Facebook and Twitter for more tech news, guides, reviews, and interviews. 

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