How to Watch ‘America’s Got Talent’ Online – Live Stream Season 15

By Gabriela Vatu / May 26, 2020

America's Got Talent has a new season coming to NBC. We cannot wait to see the new season of America's Got Talent online, so let's go figure out exactly how you can do this.

For the 15th season of America's Got Talent, we have Terry Crews as host for the second time. The judge seats will be taken by Simon Cowell and Howie Mandel, while Heidi Klum is making a return, and Sofia Vergara is taking the chair for the first time.

We're going to see a lot of acts, and we should be fully entertained by the end of the night. We are sure we'll all going to have our favorite, and we're probably going to be quite annoyed with Simon at one point or another, so business as usual.

When and Where to Watch America's Got Talent?

The 15th season of America's Got Talent is coming to NBC on May 26th. The episode will kick off at 8 PM, so make sure you have your evening cleared from other distractions.

How Can I Live Stream America's Got Talent?

If you were planning to watch the new season live online, then you're lucky because it's going to be fairly easy to find a way to watch the whole America's Got Talent show online. Nowadays, many live TV platforms will enable you to watch all the content you want over the internet on NBC. Our favorite service to use is Hulu, which has a single bundle of networks, and there are dozens of channels here that you can try out. Start your free trial on Hulu now!

Besides all those great channels you can watch in this bundle, there are also loads of extra channel packs that you can add to your subscription if you're looking for even more content. When you subscribe to the Hulu Live TV service, you also get to watch anything they have available on the Hulu On-Demand platform as a bonus, so you will certainly have the ton of content to enjoy. Hulu works on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and more. (Note: NBC is a channel that broadcasts in select markets only, so if you live in an area where you do not get access to it, you can use a VPN to connect to a nearby server in a city where NBC is available. Click here to get more details you need to take.)

Here's what you have to do to start your Hulu free trial:

Other Ways to Watch America's Got Talent Online

fuboTV - A really cool platform that you can try out is fuboTV, which has a single bundle of networks you can easily watch. You can view NBC with the service, as the network is part of the main bundle. If you do want more content, there are plenty of channel packs that you can add, as well as various premium networks. Start your free trial on fuboTV now!

Sling TV - There is also Sling TV on our list, and this service has three bundles to choose from - Orange, Blue, and Orange + Blue. NBC is only part of two of these bundles, namely Blue and Orange + Blue, so you will have to pick one of these two. Before you do so, however, you need to be aware that Blue subscribers can watch content on three devices simultaneously, and the Orange + Blue subscribers can watch on four devices at the same time. Watch 3 Days Free on Sling TV Now! On top of the bundle that you choose to go for, you can choose additional channel packs and premium networks if you find anything extra to enjoy.

How Can I Watch America's Got Talent When Traveling Outside of the United States?

One thing you need to keep in mind when you're traveling abroad is that live TV platforms and streaming services are all geo-blocked, which means that you cannot access them freely. This is mainly happening because all these services have to respect the licensing deal they signed, which clearly indicates they can only stream content within the United States. So we're going to tell you how you can circumvent the situation entirely. The way to do this is to change your IP address with the help of a VPN so that you appear to be in the United States rather than anywhere else. We recommend using ExpressVPN because it's really a great tool, featuring thousands of servers all over the world and some very prominent privacy features thanks to the encryption protocols they deploy.

Here's how you can use ExpressVPN to watch America's Got Talent:

Can I Watch America's Got Talent on the Network's Website?

Watching America's Got Talent live on the NBC website is perfectly possible - you only need to log in to an account on the NBC website. In order to be able to do this, you need to use credentials from your TV provider. To have access to these credentials, you need to have an account with a live TV service or a cable company. (Note: The NBC live stream is geo-blocked, so if you're going to access it from abroad, you will need a VPN. You can click here to get more details on all the steps you need to take to make this possible.)

Can I Watch America's Got Talent With a TV Antenna?

If you're going to watch America's Got Talent with a TV antenna, you need to know that NBC is one of the channels that still broadcast over-the-air. Antennas are still super-popular, especially among cord-cutters, as they enable people to watch dozens of local channels for free.

Before you buy anything, you should look into a site like NoCable so you can find out more details about the channels that broadcast in your specific location. On top of figuring out whether or not NBC is a part of the channel offering in your region, you can also find out how far all the broadcast stations around you are from your home. This information should help you figure out what range you need your device to cover so that you can enjoy as many networks as possible. Make sure you also check the devices above just in case they have any of the features you are looking for.

Can I Binge-Watch America's Got Talent?

Binge-watching America's Got Talent whenever you have the time is perfectly possible with a platform like Hulu. The new season will be available as soon as the new episodes start airing, along the previous season.

Furthermore, you will also find America's Got Talent episodes available on the NBC website. The episodes are uploaded shortly after they air, and the good news is that they are even available to stream for free. You do need to log in to an account at some point, but it's going to take a few days until they are locked up.

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