How to Watch ‘American Housewife’ Online – Live Stream Season 4 Episodes

By Gabriela Vatu / October 12, 2019

Is there anyone who doesn't love a sitcom? One that we are particularly fond of his American Housewife, which has been around for a few years and debuted its fourth season not too long ago. This year we are planning to watch it all online and we invite you to do the very same thing.

The first time American Housewife aired was back in October 2016. The show follows the life of Katie Otto, who's a wife and mother, and she tries to stand out in her neighborhood, which is full of wealthy and pretentious housewives and privileged children.

The daily lives are as adventurous as the system requires, and even the most monotonous chores can become a reason for laughter. Katy Mixon, Diedrich Bader, Meg Donnelly, Daniel DiMaggio, and Julia Butters make up the Otto family, while the funny Ali Wong brings in the comedy as one of Katie's best friends.

When and Where to Watch American Housewife?

American Housewife returned for its fourth season on ABC on September 27th, 2019. New episodes air every Friday at 8 PM, so it's the perfect way to round up your workweek. Although they haven't provided a number of episodes we should expect this season, ABC previously ordered around 23 or 24 episodes for American Housewife, which puts the finale sometime in May.

Can I Live Stream American Housewife?

We don't know about you, but we use the internet for pretty much anything and everything, from work to relaxing after work, and chatting with friends, and doing research. Therefore, watching TV, in the same manner, makes perfect sense since there are so many platforms that can help you achieve this easily. If you want to watch American Housewife on ABC, then you should definitely check out Hulu, which offers a single bundle of channels and some really great products. One of those perks is that when you subscribe to the live TV platform you also get access to the full video-on-demand library that the service has at its disposal. Start your 7-Day free trial today!

On Hulu, you can also add a bunch of channel packs and premium networks, if you want to enrich your subscription. There are Hulu apps for most devices, including Android and iOS phones and tablets, Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TVs, and browsers. (Note: Hulu a service that only works in the United States so you're going to have to use a VPN if you want to watch when traveling outside of the country. Click here to learn how you can do this too.)

Here's what you need to do to sign up for a 7-Day free trial on Hulu:

Other Ways to Watch American Housewife

PlayStation Vue - We have PlayStation Vue on our list, and it's a great service that carries ABC in all of its four bundles, namely Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra. This will enable you to pick the one that you like most, either for the channel combination or the price. On PlayStation Vue, all subscribers can record up to 500 programs to the Cloud, and watch content on five different devices at the same time.

YouTube TV - On YouTube TV, all subscribers get to enjoy unlimited Cloud DVR storage space, and watching content on three different devices simultaneously. There is a single bundle of channels on YouTube TV, so it should be pretty easy to find the channel that you need, which is ABC in our case. When it comes to customizing your subscription, there are only premium networks available, and no channel packs.

How Can I Watch American Housewife Outside of the United States?

Licensing deals are things that are super common, but they can pose quite a bit of difficulty for people who want to watch content when traveling outside of the United States. This happens because these deals don't permit these platforms to broadcast content outside of the borders, so you will get blocked as soon as your IP shows you are no longer in the country. The situation can be avoided quite easily with the help of a VPN, which can change your IP so the site believes you are still in the United States. We can recommend you go for ExpressVPN, which is one of the best that is currently available on the market.

Here is everything that you need to do to use ExpressVPN to watch American Housewife outside of the United States:

Can I Watch American Housewife on the ABC Website?

That is something that you could do because there is a live stream that you can access on ABC. If you're going to use this method to watch American Housewife, you should know that you will need to log into the account with the help of credentials from your TV provider, which can either be a live TV service or a cable company.

There is also an app called ABC Go, which can help you watch all this content and more. The app works on IOS and Android devices, Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and more. (Note: Both the ABC app and the website are geo-blocked, so if you want to access any of them while traveling outside of the United States, you will need to use a VPN to bypass the blockade. Click here to learn how you can use VPN to unblock.)

Can I Watch American Housewife With a TV Antenna?

ABC is one of the channels that continue to broadcast over-the-air, which means that you can use a TV antenna to watch American Housewife and any other show. The thing with TV antennas is that you will need to verify whether or not you live in an area where ABC is available. You can find out all these details from a site such as NoCable, where it will tell you exactly what channels broadcast in your ZIP code.

Aside from this information, it will also tell you how far the broadcast stations are so you can figure out what range you need your device to have. We've given you a bunch of suggestions, which are all great devices, so you can pick one. If you don't like any of our options, you can obviously do your own research, now that you have a better idea of what to look for.

Can I Binge-watch American Housewife?

You most certainly can watch some of the latest episodes from American Housewife on the ABC website, but you will need to log in to an account to access them. You can also check out Hulu, where you will find all the seasons that have aired so far.

Can I Purchase American Housewife Episodes?

American Housewife episodes are available to buy from platforms like Amazon PrimeGoogle PlayYouTubeiTunesMicrosoft Store, or Vudu. You should make sure to check all the links we provided because any of these platforms may have an available deal for you, depending on when you're making the purchase, and the content you are looking for specifically.

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