Vivo X21
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  • Vivo joins Huawei and Xiaomi in the line to introduce in-display fingerprint sensors in their flagship smartphones this year.
  • Vivo X21 will feature the innovative technology of in-display fingerprint sensors. According to sources, the sensors are working 100% accurately which is quite an amazing feat.
  • This technology can only work with OLED screens.

Ever since the removal of the Home button from smartphone screens, there were speculations about an in-display fingerprint scanner. Apple was one of the first companies to remove the Home/Fingerprint button from the front screen. Apart from it, before the arrival of its iPhone X, rumors surfaced that Apple will launch the first-ever in-display fingerprint sensor. But, that did not happen!

After investing years on this technology and testing multiple prototypes, in-display fingerprint sensors are finally here. Vivo X21 has announced that the phone will have this feature which makes it the first smartphone ever to be sold in India and across the globe with this innovative feature. It is not an easy feat to achieve which is why industry giants LG, Samsung, and Google have not yet done it. For long, the companies have included a sensor on the back of the phone – but we all know how inconvenient that is.

vivo x21 fingerprint
Courtesy of The Financial Express

However, the Verge reported that Vivo is not the only smartphone manufacturer that is exploring and capitalizing on the opportunity to bring in in-display fingerprint sensor. Huawei and Xiaomi have also announced this technology in their latest flagship phones. The only difference is that Vivo is promoting it more than anyone else. The latest Vivo X21 in-display fingerprint sensors enable smartphones with high screen-to-body ratios and thin bezels to integrate with biometric authentication within the display.