Verizon Announces Safe Wi-Fi App to Protect Users from Dodgy Public Hotspots

Written by Nitish Singh
Published on July 30, 2018

With data theft incidents and online scams on the rise, Verizon is taking a step to help users from being exposed to unsafe Wi-Fi networks. The telecom company released its latest app Safe Wi-Fi, designed to alert users about any unsafe Wi-Fi networks that they may be connecting too. Aside from the safety warnings, Verizon’s app also acts as a full-fledged VPN service with data encryption and targeted-ad protection.

Fake access points that attempt to intercept data are automatically flagged by Verizon’s app, and users are notified. Ad trackers are also blocked by the app using an optional setting in case you want to opt out of any form of targeted marketing using your personal data. The service is available to users for a fee of $4 per month, making it quite affordable compared to similar services like Tunnerbear and NordVPN Mobile which cost upwards of $5 per month. Users can connect up to ten devices using the service using their Verizon accounts. Unfortunately, you need to own a device with a Verizon data plan to be eligible for Safe Wi-Fi. If you own Wi-Fi only devices that you want to secure via a VPN, you should take a look at alternatives which offer similar features.

Verizon was heavily criticized last year for implementing aggressive targeted advertisement campaigns, and the telecom seems to be retracing its steps. The app is currently available for Android and iOS, and there have been no announcements for other platforms yet. Only account owners and account managers of a Verizon account can subscribe to the service.

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