Verizon Is Reportedly Set to Launch A Cloud-Based Gaming Service

By Nitish Singh / January 13, 2019

Verizon’s tryst with gaming has been limited to sponsorships of gaming events and esports partnerships. However, the network carrier is set to take things forward with its first real venture into gaming and is reported to be working on a cloud-based gaming service.

With preparations for 5G's release in full swing, the launch of an online gaming service that allows users to stream and play top-end games might sound appealing to most gamers. According to The Verge, Verizon has been recruiting applicants, and everyone who has been signed up for the testing phase has received an NVIDIA Shield TV, an Xbox One controller, over a hundred games and a $150 Amazon gift card.

Verizon Gaming Service

Image Courtesy of The Verge

Some of the popular games that have been showcased in the leaks include 2018’s TGA Game of The Year “God of War,” Quantic Dream’s “Detroit: Become Human” and massively popular battle royale game Fortnite. The testers have not been too happy about the performance of the service, but things should improve over time as the product gets closer to release.

Verizon has been confident about making an impact in the world of gaming. The company revealed last year that the upcoming service will be capable of “streaming games at more than 100 frames per second with imperceptible lag times. In controlled experiments, they’ve seen a 10x improvement in latency and jitter since connecting to Verizon’s 5G node.”

Reports suggest that the service is limited to the NVIDIA Shield TV only as of now but will expand to Android and other platforms in the near future. Verizon’s cloud-based gaming service could enable users who do not have access to a high-end gaming PC or console access to the latest and greatest games without needing to invest a fortune into top-tier hardware.

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