Vader Pirate IPTV Service Provider Announces Shut Down

By Bill Toulas / May 3, 2019

Vader, one of the most successful and recognizable pirate IPTV service providers out there has announced the cessation of its operations. The people behind the illicit IPTV platform assert worried users that no customer information will ever reach the authorities or copyright holders. While the rumors for an imminent end of the Vader service have been piling up during the past couple of weeks, the service administrators have finally confirmed the end officially through their Telegram channel, where they posted the following message:

“We have no choice but to close down Vader. We can’t reveal much publically, but by now some of you should know through the other means what happened. We tried everything in our power to avoid this, to avoid any outage, but enough people worked against us. We’re going to make sure, no Email, IP, account + re-seller name goes to the wrong hands. Everything will be wiped clean, and that’s all.”

So, from this announcement, it becomes evident that Vader was forced to an end by those concerned by its existence. Also, the “outage” and “worked against us” parts indicate technical problems and possible attacks against their infrastructure. Persistently DDoSing the service could be a potential scenario here, but no further details were given right now anyway, and the actual means of bringing Vader to its end doesn’t matter much anyway.

With the IPTV platform service being over now, there is the issue of the subscribers who had months still left in their plan, as well as the re-sellers who had prepaid for Vader services. The operators of the service stated that they understand the frustration of their clients, but they would appreciate it if everyone would just accept the financial losses and get on with it. Of course, people who sign up for illicit IPTV subscription services should come to terms with the fact that losing your money along the way is always a possibility.

Vader was offering many hundreds of channels, “catch up” functionality, multi-device support, multi-IP support, an advanced EPG Guide, and a straight-forward easy to use interface. All of this combined with the bargain prices made it lucrative and helped build a massive crowd around it. Now that Vader is gone, other IPTV service providers will be called to absorb the enormous user influx, as well as the shift of the authorities’ focus to the next biggest fish in the pond.

Were you a Vader subscriber? Where are you going to head to now that it’s gone? Let us know in the comments down below, or share your thoughts on our socials, on Facebook and Twitter.

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