uTorrent Web Client Released – Download Torrents Using a Web Browser

Written by TechNadu Staff
Last updated July 14, 2021

There is a whole new experience for uTorrent users who wish to download torrents without having a torrent client installed. BitTorrent Inc. just announced a new client (called uTorrent Web) for easy discovery, downloading, and playing torrent files directly in Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and others.

As you may already know, the popular torrent client has received only a few updates in the past few years. However, this only means that uTorrent's developers were busy with other projects. Instead of updating the existing client, the team focused on bringing a new project named "uTorrent Web" and they successfully achieved to launch it now.

To get started, you need to download the application and install it on your Windows machine. In other words, you need to visit the official website of uTorrent Web and download the software locally. As you can see, this isn't a 100% online solution, since it requires some files to be locally installed. Once you are done installing the software on your Windows, you'll directly land on this page on your web browser.

uTorrent Web engine

From here, start searching for your torrent file from the search box. After entering the query, tap on the "SEARCH" button on the right. Once you do that, uTorrent Web client will take you to Google to give you the relevant search results. You can also use popular torrent sites, like The Pirate Bay or any of the other torrent site, and download the torrent you want. I'm a big fan of Charlie Chaplin, so I started searching for the file on The Pirate Bay. Please note that you are not recommended to download a torrent file unless it has more seeders than leechers. This will help you to download the file quickly.

Now, select the "GET THIS TORRENT" green-colored button and you'll get a pop-up message like the below.

Open uTorrent Web

Once you receive this screen, tap on "Open uTorrent Web" blue button. After this, you are taken to the respective torrent file page on your browser, where you can stream, and download in parallel.

BitTorrents new uTorrent web client software

By this way, you can stream or download any torrent file directly from your default web browser (Chrome or Firefox or Internet Explorer). The download speed depends on your network and it has nothing to do with the uTorrent. But you can manage the bandwidth of upload and download speed from the client advanced settings.

uTorrent Advanced settings

And now, here's a bit of the background. As promised, Bram Cohen, the uTorrent founder has rolled out its new web browser version "uTorrent Web" recently. Not only this, the new client could even replace the original. He also states that "We’re very, very sensitive. We know people have been using uTorrent for a very long time and love it. So we’re very, very sensitive to that and gonna be sure to make sure that people feel that it’s an upgrade that’s happening. Not that we’ve just destroyed the experience."

Recently, there is a security vulnerability found in the uTorrent client by Google security researcher Tavis Ormandy. However, not long after that, the team managed to release the security patch. The new uTorrent Web is also affected by this issue, which has already been resolved.

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