US Senator Endorses WireGuard VPN For Government Use  

Written by Nitish Singh
Last updated July 13, 2021

VPN services are available in large numbers but few come close to the level of security WireGuard can offer. The VPN has gained popularity among internet users due to its updated encryption methods, compatibility across a slew of platforms and ease of use. It is also one of easiest to audit VPNs out there, which prompted US Senator Ron Wyden to promote it for government usage.

Unlike other popular VPN solutions out there that are quite complex in nature and difficult to audit, WireGuard offers a much simpler approach to VPN solutions with a simple user interface and a feature set that does not compromise on security. The Senator wrote to the National Institute of Standards and Technology to stop using dated VPN solutions and opt for WireGuard instead.

WireGuard Auditability

Image Courtesy of WireGuard

With recent cybersecurity issues raising concerns, WireGuard can be a suitable replacement to solutions like IPSec and OpenVPN. With just 3,782 lines of code in the program and compatibility across a range of platforms including Linux, macOS, Android and Windows the VPN is fit for government usage. The Windows version of the VPN is still in development, and if the US Senator can convince the government to adopt the highly secure VPN solution, the VPN can expect a surge in popularity.

The Senator wrote in his letter,“In light of the serious cybersecurity issues with the two most widely-used VPN technologies, I urge NIST to work with stakeholders to evaluate appropriate replacements, including Wireguard, for government use. I also ask that once NIST finds an appropriate replacement, existing VPN guidelines and support should quickly be discarded in favor of the newer alternative.”

The lead developer of the VPN zx2c4 is trying to partner with Linux and implement the VPN as part of the main Linux kernel, allowing all Linux users to get access to WireGuard’s capabilities built into their Linux distribution.

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