U.S. Lawmakers Submitted Law Proposal to Help Consumers Cancel Their Subscriptions

By Bill Toulas / June 17, 2021

Four U.S. Senators have introduced a new bill named the “Unsubscribe Act,” which aims to make canceling costly subscriptions on any service easier for the consumers. On the other side, the law could require companies to be more transparent about their subscription models and make it easier for their clients to cancel their subscriptions. As the situation stands right now, there’s a lot of trickery going on with shady renewal policies, binding terms, and hooking trial periods that end abruptly to entrap consumers in a paid plan.

In essence and summary, the Unsubscribe Act proposes the following:

The above would definitely help in preventing the vast majority of the skullduggery that is going on in various platforms and service providers. As Sally Greenberg, the Executive Director of the National Consumers League, stated:

From movies to clothing to food, to cosmetics, consumers are being marketed subscription services that are often easy to sign up for but hard to cancel. That is why we need common-sense consumer protection legislation like the Unsubscribe Act. The bill will help consumers get the information they need to make an informed buying decision and allow them to easily cancel their subscriptions without getting the runaround.

The main thing for consumers is to learn to protect themselves, whatever the context is. If you are offered a free trial on a product or service, make sure to read and understand the contract terms and the renewal deadlines. If they are in any way unclear or too aggressive, ask for clarifications via email or simply consider an alternative provider.

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