Two French Arrested for Selling Over €200k Worth of Cannabis on the Dark Web

By Bill Toulas / September 2, 2021

Two Montpelier residents, both aged 42, were arrested by the DDSP (drugs department) for selling cannabis on the dark web and will soon face charges of drug trafficking in court. The two are believed to have sold approximately 22 kg of herbal cannabis since August 2020, making over €200,000 in the process. They were selling the substance for €10 per gram and sent the orders via post inside envelopes to the clients’ homes.

During the police raid in the home of one of the two individuals, 39 envelopes containing 600 grams of cannabis in herb form were confiscated. During a search in his car, an additional 1.66 kg of cannabis, 28 envelopes with 302 grams of cannabis, and €20,600 in cash were found and confiscated. After arresting and investigating the man, the police found out more about the head of the network, and so they raided his place two days later. During that operation, they found and seized ecstasy pills and €3,300 in cash.

The leader was using the nickname “Free Garner” on the various dark web marketplaces where he was selling the drugs. The man was sourcing the cannabis from Spain, and because he had so many clients almost instantaneously, he realized he needed the help of another man to send the parcels to the clients. As such, he contracted his “right-hand” accomplice to carry out the shipping duties on his account, paying him roughly €300 per month. The two men will hear their sentence in November 2021, when the court is scheduled to review their case.

Remember, buying cannabis or any drug on dark websites doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get what you paid for, and on top of that, you may receive drugs laced with dangerous, toxic, and carcinogenic substances. If you’re in France and you need to consume cannabis for medical reasons, a recent court ruling has secured the legality of cannabidiol in the country, so there’s no reason for you to gamble with your health on the dark web.

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