Twitter to Introduce “Super Follows” for Exclusive Content Subscriptions

Written by Bill Toulas
Last updated July 13, 2021

Twitter wants to add the ability for users to charge their followers for accessing additional, exclusive content, so it’s planning to introduce this system under the name “Super Follows.” Moreover, the social media platform is also looking to create groups comprising users who share common interests, allowing them to post stuff relevant to specific topics, which should boost engagement.

These two features will provide more depth to the user experience and offer a monetization path for very popular and successful profiles.

Source: Twitter

Community groups could be a part of the “Super Follows,” so a user can create locked groups that can only be accessed by users who pay for belonging to that club. So, in a sense, the two new features could be connected but not necessarily.

This direct fan support system is similar to how Patreon works, and it’s obviously going to have a substantial impact on the nature of the user interactions and how the platform is used in general.

Source: Twitter

Of course, it is important to clarify that for now, “Super Follows” remains a tentative idea that’s part of a wider exploration venture. Twitter admitted to considering various types of tip-related incentives and audience-funding models, so when the “Super Follows” finally lands, it may work a bit differently from what is roughly presented here.

Also, Twitter has set some goals that stretch as far as 2023, with the most notable being the doubling of the total annual revenue from the current $3.7 billion to $7.5 billion or more. Moreover, there's a goal to raise the daily active users to a figure of 315 million by the end of 2023.

Obviously, Twitter will receive a cut from the user subscriptions, but nothing on that part has been clarified. For more details on what Twitter announced during yesterday’s “Analyst Day,” check all the relevant information on the Investor Relations page.

These announcements have been welcomed by stock investors, so Twitter’s stock price raised by 3.71% yesterday. The platform has been going through a steady rise since April 2020, and its share price grew at steeper rates since January 2021. This is indicative of the amazing prospects of the social media platform, as the recently announced revenues have surpassed even the most optimistic analyst estimations.

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