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Twitter Adds Features Like Select Audience, Alternate Personas, and More

Written by Lore Apostol
Published on July 2, 2021

Some exciting new features are on their way for Twitter users. We are talking about the possibility to control your posts' audience, influence how the replies appear, and have alternate personas to post from. The functionalities were presented on Twitter and they got an overwhelmingly positive response from people.

Of course, when we're talking about other people's replies on your posts, you cannot completely moderate their content, but now you have the option to activate a Reply Preference where bad language can be filtered out. How? Users who write a reply to your Tweet will be prompted to revise their word choice if you don't want "profanity" in your replies.

There is also a list of unwanted words that users could set and activate for their tweets' replies. It all comes down to whether the responders choose to follow the suggestions or ignore them and post the unwanted words anyway - so common sense is requested for this to work. If they choose the latter option, the violating reply can be moved automatically to the bottom of the thread if the author enables this feature.

Equally interesting is that account owners can choose to show their tweets as public or to a select group of people (much like Facebook users). The feature called "My Facets" lets users have multiple personas within the same account, and others can choose to follow the one they like better - like the personal facet or the work, family, or specific interests ones (like sports or other activities, for example).

At Thursday's UN Generation Equality Forum in Paris, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and TikTok committed to tackling online abuse and safety for women using their social media platforms. After consultations with the World Wide Web Foundation (WWWF), Twitter and the others promised to offer more granular settings for who can see, share, or comment on posts to reduce the amount of abuse women see on social media. So, the new Reply Preference could be a part of Twitter's commitment.

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