Tenta VPN Pro Browser Offers Two Years of Free Private Browsing Service

By Bill Toulas / June 28, 2019

Tenta has announced that anyone who downloads their Android browser until July 4th will automatically receive two years of the Tenta Pro VPN service for free, no strings attached, no hidden fees, and no catches. The developers behind Tenta felt the need to explain why they are doing this, and the main reasons given are their intention to thank their awesome and supportive community, and also to achieve a balance between paid subscriptions and free anonymous browsing. The company will begin charging to unlock all VPN locations by July 4, 2019, so they want people to take advantage of this offering to form a balanced community.

Tenta knows that tech-savvy people who are using VPNs are familiar with the “if you’re not paying for anything, you are the product” adage, so they feel the need to explain themselves further. As a startup that believes in the significance of the right to private and secure internet access, the vision of Tenta is to provide a real alternative to the countless options that sell your digital identity to cover their expenses. Tenta did some calculating and figured out that the lowest possible subscription price that could still support them would be $1 per month, and that is what they’ll introduce on July 4.

Another element that Tenta hopes to work to their benefit is the promotion that their free users will do on their account. For example, a non-paying customer could suggest the Tenta Browser and Tenta Pro VPN to their friends and relatives, bringing paying customers in. Tenta will provide incentives to support this by introducing user referrals soon.

If you want our opinion on the matter, we can’t give you a definitive answer because we have not conducted an in-depth review of the product yet, but the fact that we are publishing this piece indicates our belief that Tenta is reliable. The score of the app on the Play Store is 4.4, with users mostly complaining about poor ad-blocking performance and inexplicably high RAM usage. In general, the Tenta Browser seems to do well though, and the majority of the users is satisfied by it.

All that said, proceed to using the Tenta Browser with caution, and share the highlights of your experience with us in the comments down below. Would you recommend it to others? Let us know in your comment, and share the same on our socials, on Facebook and Twitter.

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