‘Streamtape.com’ Targeted by ACE in a New Round of Seizures

  • ACE and MPA have launched a new round of takedowns and DMCA subpoena requests.
  • The copyright protection coalitions are targeting a large number of pirate domains.
  • The most notable platform is ‘Streamtape.com’, a large streaming site with API support.

The ACE (Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment) and its partner MPA (Motion Pictures Association) have just launched a new round of pirate domain seizures and are also targeting several popular sites with DMCA subpoenas. Among the targets, there is ‘Streamtape.com,’ a giant in the field that enjoys over 33 million unique visitors each month, mainly Americans.

Streamtape is a video-sharing platform that offers API-based streaming features and accepts up to 15GB of file sizes. Thanks to its copyright-agnostic approach, it is very popular with pirates. At the time of writing this, the platform is still online and operational, but the legal troubles have clearly started.

Other platforms included in the DMCA subpoena that was submitted to Cloudflare are:

  • abcvideo.cc
  • cloudvideo.tv
  • gamovideo.com
  • playtube.ws
  • streamplay.to
  • streamplay.cc
  • streamsb.net
  • sbembed2.com
  • streamtape.com
  • strcloud.link
  • streamzz.to
  • streamz.ws
  • userload.co
  • eplayvid.com
  • cpasfini.com
  • zonetelechargement.cloud
  • mygully.com
  • polishsource.cz
  • xcine.me
  • streamingcommunity.co
  • serieskao.tv
  • pelishouse.com
  • peliculaspro.net
  • openpelis.net
  • peliculaswarez.net
  • seriesw.tv
  • paraveronline.live
  • dongphym.net
  • fullphim.net
  • phephimz.net
  • 123-hd.com
  • i-moviehd.com
  • motphjm.net
  • 2embed.ru
  • fmovies.co
  • 123moviesfree.net
  • tinyzonetv.to
  • myflixer.to
  • bstsrs.one
  • best-series.me
  • hehestreams.com
  • comstarservices.com
  • mywifi.tv
  • uzzi.tv

Most of these sites are popular in the United States, but some have found success in Europe, and more specifically, in Germany and Poland. The requested information includes full names, physical addresses, IP addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, payment information, account updates, and account history. Whether or not Cloudflare holds any truthful identification details about the owners and/or operators of the above domains remains to be seen. Still, it is expected that the internet company will comply with the information request anyway.

But the latest round of crackdown action isn’t only focusing on identification. The ACE also announced the seizure of thirty domains that were linked with copyright infringement activities, namely:

  • repelisgooo.com
  • cuevana3.app
  • repelisgoo.org
  • repelisgt.com
  • cuevana.link
  • pelisplusgo.com
  • cuevana.wtf
  • pelisplusgt.com
  • pelisplus.wtf
  • cuevana2.app
  • pelisplus2.live
  • cuevana.io
  • pelisplus2.app
  • repelisgt.net
  • cuevanaxd.com
  • cuevanagt.com
  • repelisgo.net
  • pelisplushd.app
  • cuevanaxd.net
  • pelisplushd.li
  • repelis2.net
  • pelisplushd.biz
  • pelisplusxd.com
  • cuevana3.li
  • cuevana.li

These domains now serve visitors the typical seizure notice and redirect them to ACE’s domain, where links to legal content distribution and consumption platforms are provided.



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