Spotify Phishing Scam Found Stealing Apple ID Details

By Nitish Singh / October 20, 2018

Apple users are receiving phishing emails that are disguised as Spotify’s official emails claiming that the users have subscribed to a year of its Premium music streaming service. These emails are very similar to Spotify’s official email marketing, and it may have affected Apple ID users.

Apple users have reported that they received emails of Spotify charging them for a year of Spotify Premium and they come with a subscription review link. The link redirects users to a phishing page which is designed to steal Apple IDs of users.

Apple ID Phishing Scam

Image Courtesy of Business Insider

The scam was first identified by a Reddit user who posted it on the social media platform. Scammers are trying to scare gullible users into thinking that their accounts have been credited and in a fit of confusion it is possible that users enter their Apple ID details into the phishing link.

The most telltale sign of the emails being fake is that users are requested to enter their Apple Pay information. Just like Netflix, Spotify recently stopped allowing Apple users to pay for their subscriptions using their Apple ID in August. Users are now required to use the streaming service’s own payment system. However, not everyone may be aware of the change as it went live fairly recently in August, allowing cybercriminals to take advantage of users.

Other signs of the emails being fake include language errors and the absence of security checks that are normally in place by Apple which includes Face ID or two-factor authentication. If you receive any such emails, you should ignore them. If you have already entered your Apple ID information into such phishing emails, it is recommended to change your password immediately and inform Apple about the issue.

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