Sony Was Preparing to Bring PlayStation Now to Mobile

By TechNadu Staff / December 11, 2021

Sony intended to bring the PlayStation Now cloud service to the mobile market segment, according to a new report from a confidential document published in the Apple and Epic lawsuit. Apple's document reveals Sony had planned on providing PS Now for mobile phones since 2017 but never announced it.

The PS Now service was launched in 2017 and until now provided remote access to your PS Now game library only on Windows PCs. The current library of the cloud gaming subscription service has a pretty nice offer of PS2, PS3, and PS4 games. The mobile extension aimed to offer over 450 old PS3 games to start, and PS4 games were to follow.

source: The Verge

Sony's service streamed to Smart TVs, Blu-ray players, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. However, Sony dropped support for all platforms except PS4 and Windows PCs in late 2017. It has since added PS5 support.

Apple announced launching its own Apple Arcade game subscription in 2019, with over 100 games in its first release, and ten new games released every month after that. As of now, it is available online, but it is not a cloud game service.

If you go to the Remote Play app on your PS, you can see that it says Mac, Android, and iOS devices next to the Windows PC support, but there is no PS Now official app for the mobile segment. This feature supports both wireless local area networks and remote access. What was announced, though, was that PS Now plans to extend its library adding PS5 games, becoming a rival to Xbox's PC Game Pass.

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