Snapchat launches Stories to complete its all-out assault on Snapchat

Written by TechNadu Staff
Last updated July 13, 2021

Snap is launching a new search feature in Snapchat on Friday, the users can look at photos and videos from sports games, events and even their local bar, whether or not your friends who posted it.

These features make Snapchat more like rivals the Twitter and Facebook, where much of the content is shared publicly, same time Social networking site has been copying Snap's 'stories' feature to try to compete other company.

The new feature to be rolled out to its 158-million-strong user base in order to search through a catalogue of public videos. More than 1 million public stories include videos and photos created by Snapchatters and after 24 hours it will disappear.

Snapchat users could already view "our story", which in the situation of you posted a video publicly in the local area. And now Snap is mining the pics submitted to 'our story' to create stories that can be found by a keyword 'search', whether you to find photos of Puppies, basketball or Mount Everest. Snap come as rival Facebook has adopted a slew of its primary camera features and temporary messages tools.

Last year, the company rolled out an API and starting serving up ads between friend's stories within a user's personal feeds. And these feature is now rollout starting Friday in select cities on Friday.

According to the report of Ampere Analysis that, it's poised to become more popular among advertisers by 2020 than AOL or Yahoo.

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