Sasaki To Miyano Episode 7 Release Date, Time, and Where To Watch

By Samona Punjabi / February 16, 2022

Sasaki to Miyano's latest episode has given us some much-needed hope for the future of the relationship between our favorite pair. The previous episode of the series featured protagonist Miyano receiving a heartfelt confession from his high school senpai, Sasaki. Miyano, surprised at this confession, has not yet answered in return. This week's episode shows our shy Mya-chan considering the possibility of being with Sasaki!

Sasaki to Miyano Episode 6 Recap

The latest episode of Sasaki to Miyano began with Mya-chan heading to school on the train while Sasaki senpai entered the compartment. On the train, Miyano asks Sasaki if he's started waking up early lately, to which the latter says he likes meeting him before school. Later, Miyano hangs out with his friends Kuresawa and Tashiro at school, while Kuresawa reminds him that Sasaki is celebrating his birthday the next day.

Kuresawa then asks Miyano if he plans to give him a present, while the latter thinks he should give his senpai a gift without answering his confession. Kuresawa and Tashiro talk about the former's girlfriend and his relationship with her. Tashiro gives the two of them a lollipop, reminding Miyano of how much Sasaki likes them. The next day Miyano runs into Sasaki on the train again.

Sasaki tells him that he's preparing for a test while Miyano hands him a lollipop. Sasaki is surprised and mentions how he didn't think Miyano liked them. Mya-chan then tells Sasaki that he bought it as a birthday present and wishes him a happy birthday! When Sasaki smiles upon receiving the present, Miyano remembers Kuresawa's words about his girlfriend and how he fell for her smile. Miyano begins to think about how cute Sasaki looks but then represses the thought and tells himself that Sasaki is his "cool" senpai and not a cute boy.

Miyano continues to ponder over how he feels about Sasaki and finally decides to give him some clarity even though he doesn't have any himself. By the end of the episode, Miyano tells Sasaki that even though he likes BL manga, he never considered it a possibility for his own life. He also tells him that he has only ever liked a girl and doesn't know how he feels about the confession.

However, as he says the words, Miyano begins to think about his time with Sasaki and realizes that whatever he feels for his senpai is more than friendship. He then tells Sasaki that he wants to take some more time to think about his feelings. Even though Miyano does not give Sasaki an answer, the latter is extremely happy that his kohai is considering the future of their relationship. He then thanks Mya-chan for thinking about it, and the episode ends on a wholesome note, as usual!

Sasaki To Miyano Episode 7 Release Date and Time

Sasaki To Miyano runs a weekly release schedule with new episodes every Sunday night. The next episode will probably show us more of the shift in the dynamic between our two high school protagonists. We can't wait for Episode 7 of Sasaki to Miyano, titled "I Don't Want to Pressure Him," which will release on Sunday, February 20, 2022. 

The next episode will likely focus on senpai Sasaki trying to ease his kohai into this new dynamic. You might be confused with the release times you see online, since the episode releases in Japan at 12:30 AM, on February 21. Check out the release time specific to your region below.

Sasaki To Miyano Episode 7 Release Time

New episodes of Sasaki to Miyano release on Sunday nights at 12:30 AM JST; here are the release times for fans worldwide:

Where Can I Watch Sasaki To Miyano Episode 7?

Funimation has acquired 'Sasaki To Miyano' streaming rights in season 1 outside Asia. Fans in the Philippines can stream the latest episodes on TrueID Philippines, while in Japan, the show is available on U-next. For fans living in Scandinavian countries, the popular BL anime series is accessible for streaming on Wakanim.

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