Sasaki To Miyano Episode 11 Release Date, Time and Where To Watch

By Samona Punjabi / March 17, 2022

Sasaki to Miyano's latest episode, titled Love, has finally given fans some relief! The episode focused on the school's much-awaited cultural festival, most of which our two protagonists explored together. After their little date at the "delinquent" cafe, set up by Sasaki's class, the two head out to look at all the other events set up by the various other classes.

After almost three episodes of preparation, Miyano finally took part in his school's cross-dressing competition, with Sasaki supporting him in the audience. What was unexpected was Miyano coming in second place! However, our favorite fundanshi was happy to have been the runner-up since it meant that he at least looked "manlier" than the boy who came in first.

We were also given plenty of cute scenes between Sasaki and Miyano at the festival, including the former caressing the latter's hair and face from time to time. We all know that a romantic anime series would be incomplete without the two lovers watching some fireworks while almost-holding hands. And so the school festival ended with a splendid fireworks display, with Miyano and Sasaki watching them together.

During the scene, Miyano tells Sasaki to wait longer for his answer. Sasaki rests his head on Miyano's shoulder, wondering how close he's allowed to get. On the other hand, Miyano realizes he has feelings for Sasaki, but his anxiety makes him question if its the same kind of love his senpai feels for him.

During the week, Miyano randomly runs into Sasaki while the latter is helping his sister shop for her boyfriend. Sasaki also tags along with Miyano to the cinema, where the two watch a live-action adaptation of a BL novel. Miyano overhears a couple of girls talking about them, wondering if they are a couple. Sasaki unknowingly helps Miyano get out of his head to focus on what matters: the relationship they have.

Sasaki To Miyano Episode 11 Release Date and Time

The series runs a weekly release schedule with new episodes every Sunday night. We can't wait for Episode 11, titled "What Do I Do About These Feelings?," which will release on Sunday, March 20, 2022. It seems we were right about the latest episodes giving fans some relief about Sasaki and Miyano's relationship.

Now that Miyano has realized he's in love with Sasaki, what will he do? Will he finally confess his love to his senpai? We'll find out soon enough! Fans might be confused with the release times they see online, since the episode releases in Japan at 12:30 AM, on March 14. Check out the release time specific to your region below.

Sasaki To Miyano Episode 11 Release Time

New episodes release on Sunday nights at 12:30 AM JST; here are the release times for fans worldwide:

Where Can I Watch Sasaki To Miyano Episode 11?

Funimation has acquired its streaming rights in season 1 outside Asia. Fans in the Philippines can stream the latest episodes on TrueID Philippines, while in Japan, the show is available on U-next. For fans living in Scandinavian countries, the popular BL anime series is accessible for streaming on Wakanim.

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