The Samsung ‘Galaxy Smart Tag’ Has Leaked Through a Regulatory Filing

By Bill Toulas / January 2, 2021

Tile is about to get yet another competitor, as a recently leaked regulatory filing has revealed that Samsung is almost ready to launch on its own Bluetooth tracker called ‘Galaxy Smart Tag’. This is in addition to Apple’s AirTags that we know are coming, but have admittedly been delayed more than what experts in the market initially estimated. So, essentially, two of the world’s biggest smartphone makers are soon to introduce their own trackers in the market, and it is very likely that many more will follow soon.

Codenamed the “EI-T5300”, the Galaxy Smart Tag will be using a replaceable 3-volt CE2032 button cell, contrary to Apple’s AirTags that we expect to be recharged wirelessly, right from the iPhone. Besides that, the device’s specs also reveal the existence of a button for “find phone” and a loud buzzer for “find tag” functionality. Design-wise, it’s a small and relatively thin thingy with rounded corners and a hole at one edge for easy keychain attachment.

Source: GSMArena

Finally, it’s expected to be compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings app, which Samsung has been developing for at least three years ago. After all, this is not the Koreans’ first attempt to release a tracker, although the previous product was using the LTE-M low-power wide-area network radio technology instead of Bluetooth. This time, the specs clearly mention “Bluetooth Low Energy” at a frequency range between 2,402 and 2,480 MHz.

Source: GSMArena

The range of these tags should reach up to a kilometer outdoors and about 400 meters indoors. Whether or not Samsung will implement network-community-based features like another user pinpointing the location of another person’s item that has been declared lost/stolen remains to be seen, as this is entirely on the software level.

As for the price and the launch date, the estimates that come from experts in the industry put the Galaxy Smart Tag somewhere around the $20 mark. Also, it makes sense to launch it together with the upcoming Galaxy S21, which is scheduled for launch on January 14, 2020. Again, these are all estimates and rumors, but considering the existence of a regulatory filing, the product should be out soon no matter what.

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