Rumors Claim iPhone SE 3 Is Coming in April 2021

By Bill Toulas / January 11, 2021

The latest rumors on the net are claiming that the next-gen iPhone SE, which will be the third, is set to land on the market by April 2021. That would be a full year after the launch of the SE 2020, which came out four years after the original. If that happens, it could signify that Apple will be refreshing the “Special Edition” iPhone yearly, and the truth is that there are now many reasons to do so.

While iPhone 12 Mini somewhat overshadowed iPhone SE 2020, being even smaller, “sexier,” and a lot more capable, the pricing difference is just something that many people cannot ignore or cover. Thus, the two models play in separate leagues, and Apple is getting sales from both rather than having one cannibalizing the other. Reportedly, the tech giant sees a valid business plan for renewing the SE, as the 2020 version is not compelling enough to see its sales continue performing well in 2021.

If that is the case, what could iPhone SE 3 bring then to put it back in the “bargain” range? Analysts believe it will be the addition of an OLED-type screen and 5G connectivity tech that will push the new device. While these two elements sound very convincing, they also make up for a risky proposition. The SE 3 will be too good to distinguish it from the current range, which should remain on sale after the launch of the 13 series.

Of course, we do not expect the SE 3 to feature equally good cameras as the 12, but aren’t the SE 2020 cameras already pretty good for most people? Also, a high-refresh screen should be out of the question, but the “ProMotion” screens were omitted from the 12 series too, so again, nothing to differentiate it from the 12 Mini model. What is left is the design, which is the big question for the SE 3.

If it comes on the same body as the SE 2020 (and iPhone 8), Apple will have essentially locked it to a category of dated styling. Others say it’s going to look like the XR, so we may get something that is older but doesn’t look ancient. That would be a much more balanced approach in 2021.

The rumored price for iPhone SE 3 is set to be around $399, which will be great in these times of financial instability. Previously, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said iPhone SE 3 is indeed coming but probably in the second half of 2021. Again, it’s all rumors blended with wishful thinking, and we may as well not see the SE 3 this year at all, and it’ll be perfectly normal.

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