Report Warns About the Growing Problem of E-Commerce Bots

By Bill Toulas / September 18, 2019

Imperva shared a report with us where they analyze the growing problem of malicious bots that are being deployed in the e-commerce field. As detailed in the report, this problem involves cyber-attacks, website overloading, malicious goods targeting, and various types of automated threats. As Imperva points out, most e-commerce companies do not consider the scale of the problem, nor its consequences, allowing it to grow into an ever-growing one. The report analyzed 16.4 billion requests from 231 e-commerce domains that took place during July 2019, finding out that 79.2% of them featured moderated or high level of sophistication.


The key findings of the report are the following:




One interesting case of bot deployment that comes from regular users are the “limited-product” bots. Imperva identified a prevalence of this type in sneaker selling platforms. There, the bots are quick to buy limited versions of sneakers in bulk, and then sell them for a higher price later on. Samples of such bots can be found for sale in “”, “” and “”, for around three hundred dollars. These bots are not only after sneakers but anything “limited edition” they can find. Of course, these bots get smarter, so they can target a wider spectrum of products and e-commerce platforms.


As for the recommendations of Imperva on how e-commerce platforms can mitigate the problem, those can be summarized in the following points:

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