“Religare” and “Impact Guru” Leaked the Data of 5.5 Million Indians

By Bill Toulas / July 9, 2020

Cyble’s dark web sweepers located two more fresh leaks, both belonging to Indian firms. The first is the health insurer “Religare,” who has lost over 5 million records as a result of a catastrophic hacker attack. The second is the crowdfunding platform known as “Impact Guru”, which lost the details of 507,000 users.

Both sets of stolen data are already available for purchase on the dark web, as this is where Cyble found them. It is unclear if the attacks involved the use of ransomware tools, or if the hackers simply broke in the networks of the companies.

Starting with “Impact Guru”, the non-government organization is a crowdfunding platform that supports startups and creative individuals in India, as well as in another 15 countries. It has raised over $21 million since 2015 when it was established, and it is considered India’s leader in the field.

The malicious actors who targeted “Impact Guru” have managed to steal 507,000 records that contain the following details:

email list

Source: Cyble Blog

Continuing with the “Religare” breach, this one includes both five million customers and 6,000 employees of the health insurance firm. Religare operates over 146 offices across the country, so the consequences extend vastly.

The details that have been exposed and which are for sale to anyone willing to buy the packs include the following:

For customers:


Source: Cyble Blog

For employees:


Source: Cyble Blog

Cyble has informed both companies of the data leaks, but it’s unlikely for the affected individuals to receive an official notice of a breach. Entities in India are obliged by law to disclose these incidents, but the authorities aren’t very strict about this, at least not until now.

The details that have been leaked are highly sensitive, so if you are included in the datasets, you should take many precautions against potential scams and threats.


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