UK Police Visits IPTV and Kodi Users’ Homes to Hand Over Warnings

By Bill Toulas / August 13, 2021

Users of Kodi and IPTV boxes in the UK now see police officers at their door, handing them over warnings or even cease and desist notices if they are believed to be suppliers of illegal streams. This unprecedented measure sends a clear message to these people that they have been identified and have no other choice but to comply now. These visits occur in collaboration between ERSOU police officers and FACT (Federation Against Copyright Theft), who have performed the relevant investigation.

Source: FACT

As FACT’s Chief Executive, Kieron Sharp, stated:

We employ a range of tactics to prevent the provision of illegal streaming. Our continuous activity targets different elements of the global piracy landscape, with consideration given to the scale of the offending to ensure effective and proportionate action is taken. By taking these measures we are sending a clear message. Piracy is fraud and anyone motivated by financial gain from doing this needs to know that this is a crime which will be taken seriously by Police.

FACT promises to continue to monitor those who received written warnings and cease and desist notices, and if they don’t give up on piracy, they will face further legal action. As for ERSOU Police, they see this as a very positive initiative that will disrupt the funding of criminal circles and protect communities from various risks. The police also remind IPTV users of previous arrests and sentences in its press release, making it clear that pirating content can result in harsh penalties like imprisonment.

Paul Sanders, coordinator at ERSOU Police, said:

It’s important to remember that the public may be risking their personal and financial information by engaging with illegal services, and we will continue to support FACT in their endeavours to prevent illegal content provision.

Two weeks ago, a 56-year-old-man who was identified by FACT eventually got arrested by the West Mercia Police, had his equipment seized, and is now facing several criminal offense charges. It is evident that the collaboration between FACT and the law enforcement authorities in the UK has passed to a higher level, actively tracking down and arresting pirate site operators.

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