Police Allegedly Arrested Denuvo Cracker “EMPRESS” After Clash With Re-Packer “FitGirl”

By Bill Toulas / February 25, 2021

Notorious games cracker “EMPRESS” has posted a message on Reddit (CrackWatch) explaining that the worst-case scenario has manifested, as the Police has caught her red-handed while preparing a second fix patch for her ‘Immortals Fenyx Rising’ crack, and is soon (waiting for a lawyer) to be dragged to the Police station for an inquisition.

The cracker blamed re-packer “FitGirl” and all her followers who allegedly reported the pirate’s real address to the authorities after an unintentional leak and the omission to use VPN. Obviously, the above message is weird as matching the presented turn of events with common police practices is hard, so it is most likely a fabricated story by “EMPRESS” and a peculiar way to say goodbye to the community.

Being a prolific cracker, if EMPRESS does leave the scene, it’ll cause a significant disruption in the supply of pirated games. As such, a large number of users are grieving already, while Denuvo is celebrating the fact that its DRM system will stay locked for a little while longer in the upcoming game titles that are planning to use it.

The turbulence started last year when EMPRESS decided to crowdfund Denuvo cracks and asked the community to send her cryptocurrency. As the cracker explained, she spends much time researching and coding, so she needs some direct financial support to continue. In this effort, though, the cracker leaked sensitive data and then kept launching accusations against other former game cracking groups, blaming the community of being toxic or even pathetic, calling the “CPY" Denuvo crackers selfish and ignorant, and accusing re-packer “FitGirl” of stealing all the glory without doing any of the hard work.

This didn’t resonate well with the recipients of the accusations, and while some simply ignored EMPRESS and her outspoken style, FitGirl didn’t. The glass overflowed when “FitGirl” realized that EMPRESS had limited the speed of her seedbox, so she decided to fight back by stating that she will never re-pack her cracks again.

After a series of forum threads and heated discussions on Reddit, EMPRESS ended up waving goodbye to all. And now, based on her posts and the alleged “Police report,” it was Reddit that gave away her real home address based on user reports. EMPRESS has her own devoted supporters, obviously, so FitGirl is going to get into trouble now too, which has Denuvo rubbing its hands with content again, even if all of that is fake - which it most probably is.

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