Pluto TV Preparing Launch in France on February 8, 2021

  • Pluto TV is soon to head to France, adding another big European market pool to the platform.
  • Several French publishers and broadcasters will join in the roll-out, offering localized content.
  • ViacomCBS has tripled the size of the Pluto TV audience in three years, extending its reach over three continents.

ViacomCBS Networks International has announced that its Pluto TV platform, which has been under its ownership for two years now, will soon launch in France. The exact date given is February 8, 2021, and the service will not require people to register to enjoy the offerings.

Pluto TV is an internet television service that has so far remained limited to the American market. Still, ViacomCBS is looking to expand its reach globally, and France will be the perfect way to continue the European-focused effort following the U.K., Germany, and Spain that already got it.

The service will also offer forty specifically-curated channels for the French audience and a rich content library courtesy of the ViacomCBS brands. Moreover, several French publishers, broadcasters, and distributors in the country will join in, enriching the offering even more. Pluto TV Ciné, Pluto TV Action, Pluto TV Drama, and various TV series, kid content, animation, reality TV, comedy, documentaries, and sports events will land too.

As for the supported devices, Pluto TV works on any Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV hardware (stick or tv box), and it’s also accessible via a web browser if the rest aren’t available. So essentially, there aren’t any compatibility limitations in the way. Also, the service will be free in France, as it is everywhere, so we expect to see some advertisements from local marketers.

Senior VP of ViacomCBS Networks for Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia stated:

The launch of Pluto TV in France marks an important step for the growth of our company’s streaming presence in Europe. Pluto TV has already demonstrated its appeal in many markets across the world, and the upcoming roll-out in France will follow successful launches in other European countries as well as 17 countries across Latin America. I believe the service’s market-centric approach and extensive reach will transform the French streaming and television market, both in terms of consumer experience and a sales offer.

When ViacomCBS acquired Pluto TV, the service had a respectable 12 million subscribers. At the moment, it counts about 36 million subscribers from 24 countries, and it’s growing quickly. After the roll-out in France is completed, Italy will follow, but this will most probably happen in the second half of the year.



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