Domains of Pirate Website Kinox Put Up for Sale on eBay

By Nitish Singh / January 13, 2019

Kinox is one of the most popular pirate websites and it once catered to tens of millions of users, but it seems like the operator wants to put the website up for sale with the domain name being put up for sale. It is unknown if the eBay listing is genuine or not.

The eBay listing reads “I am selling my project ( + website, server & other domains. Since I have no time left for the project, the project will be sent by e-mail with all access data to the web space, login panel, server, domains, etc.”

Kinox eBay Listing

Image Courtesy of TorrentFreak

Kinox was launched in 2011 to act as the successor to which was shut down in 2011 following a raid. The website became one of the biggest torrent websites in the world with a visitor count of 13 million users as of July 2018. The operator is not only selling the primary domain but also other domain names that serve as backup websites similar to how other popular torrent websites operate.

The website’s owners were accused of being armed and dangerous by German police in 2014 after a manhunt was launched against the two brothers who founded the website. One of the former operators was handed a 40-month prison sentence in 2015, but the site continued to operate.

eBay users had the option of bidding for the website domain and other associated domains using Bitcoins or PayPal. Kinox’s listing was abruptly removed, and it is unknown if the operator found a buyer or if it was removed following a copyright complaint. With the listing not being marked as ‘ended’ it is likely that it was removed due to external circumstances.

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