A Person commit Online Pirates Sentenced to Six Years in Jail, says Sweden

By Aravindhsriram / February 19, 2018

Sweden to propose changes in their penalties against the crime caused online. When compared to other countries, Sweden is considered to have a soft on infringement. Those things are about to change now.

The government is planning to punish the online crime more severely than before.

Heléne Fritzon, the Swedish Politician received a proposal, claims the gross infringement under both copyright and trademark law, will lead to sentences in prison for six years.

A new tier of offenses with "special" punishments are proposed to tackle the large-scale copyright infringement and "series" trademark infringement.

According to the Council of Justice member Dag Mattsson, there is a two level of seriousness in crime.

"A person will be sentenced to jail for two years if he/she is found guilty of copyright or trademark infringement," says government.

The other one is "A person who commits gross copyright infringement or gross trademark are sentenced to jail for six months but not more than six years."

As per the new rule, The Pirate Bay case comes under the gross infringement. So, the Pirate Bay co-founder Peter Sunde, Fredrik Neij, and Carl Lundström will be sentenced to up to six months in jail and a maximum of six years, says Torrent Freak.

Minister for Justice Heléne Fritzon described the statement "Today there is organized online piracy that has major consequences for the whole community."

“Therefore, it is good that the punishments for these crimes have been reviewed, as the sentence will then be proportional to the seriousness of the crime.”

From July 1, 2019, the legislative amendments will come to action.

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