Paramount Plus Tiers, Costs, and Roll-Out Dates Announced

By Bill Toulas / February 25, 2021

Paramount Plus, the new streaming service that was created to replace CBS All Access next month, has announced the intention to offer two tiers, a “premium” and a “base.” The former will launch next week with the introduction of the service to the streaming market, cost $10/month, and offer an ad-free experience. The latter will cost $5/month, roll out in June, and be supported by advertising.

The “base” tier is actually $1 per month lower than the “commercials plan” of the outgoing CBS All Access, while the commercial-free plans have the same price tag.

According to the clarifications given during the investor event that was held by ViacomCBS yesterday, the base tier will also be subject to additional limitations like what content the users will be allowed to access. This category of subscribers will get to enjoy the Paramount Plus originals, but not the entire catalog available to the “premium” tier. Similarly, on the sports side, the NFL games will be unlocked, but several live sports will be out of reach.

Compared to other existing streaming platforms and also recently-launched services, Paramount Plus is definitely bringing an interesting collection of exclusive shows and films - and is offering competitive pricing for what it’s got. Still, though, it is very hard to establish yourself on the streaming market right now as the competition is fierce, so we wouldn’t attempt to make any predictions.

If you’re interested in the Paramount Plus service and you want to give it a try when it’s available, here is a summary of the most important facts confirmed in yesterday’s announcement:

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