One Piece Popularity Dominates Anime Searches In The U.S!

By Samona Punjabi / January 21, 2022

A new study shows a list of all series that are currently dominating the anime culture in the United States. According to a report by Polygon, a map compiled by CenturyLinkQuote calculates the most popular anime in all 50 American states using search data gathered in 2021. The data on the map shows that One Piece is beloved almost throughout America, with Pokemon and Naruto not far behind!

This only goes to show that while people may not agree on most topics these days, they do agree that Eiichiro Oda's One Piece is nothing short of a masterpiece. Read on to find out what the new map's data shows.

Credits - CenturyLinkQuote

One Piece Tops Anime Searches in the U.S; Pokemon and Naruto Follow

CenturyLinkQuote's new map shows One Piece dominating the anime scene in America, and we're not surprised. The show was the top result in 25 states spread across the entire country. The data also reveals that Pokemon was the second most popular result, winning over eight states, while Naruto made number 3, topping six states throughout the midwest and south.

In addition, the mysterious supernatural thriller Death Note is seemingly very popular in Kansas and Oklahoma. On the other hand, a few other series managed to keep their stronghold in one state each. The ongoing Attack on Titan, which has been one of the biggest hits among anime fans, topped the chart in Utah, while Sailor Moon seems to be attracting fans from California. Japan's biggest hit series currently, Jujutsu Kaisen, also managed to hold down the fort in Hawaii.

One Piece's dominant popularity isn't all that surprising since the long-running adventure fantasy is also the best-selling manga series in history. To date, the series has sold almost half a billion copies. In addition, the One Piece manga is slated to cross the total lifetime sales of Batman comics and all of the Harry Potter books within the next few months.

Considering that the One Piece anime series premiered in 1997, it's impressive that the manga and the anime have managed to stay on top in terms of sales and TV ratings to date. In 2021, the series received even more attention as the manga released its 1000th chapter while the anime aired its 1000th episode.

Creator Eiichiro Oda has teased several times lately that the journey of the fan-favorite straw hat pirate Monkey D. Luffy is about to come to a close soon. However, it doesn't seem like it'll be the end of Luffy on screen since the latest adaptation of Oda's work is being produced by Netflix and Tomorrow Studios in the live-action form! The series will star Inaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy according to CBR. In addition, Eiichiro Oda will also be serving as the upcoming show's executive producer.

The One Piece manga is available in English on Viz Media's official website and MangaPlus. The entire anime series can be streamed on Funimation and Crunchyroll. The series is also scheduled to return to American cable TV, as Toonami recently announced that it will begin airing the series' second half.

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