Next-Gen AirPods could be wireless charging dock for Apple Watch and iPhone

Written by TechNadu Staff
Last updated June 16, 2021

The United States Patent and Trademark Office published a bunch of AirPods-related patent application on March 30th, all filled in September 2016, including patent application number 2017009439, that mention these potential new features. Approximately 250 patent application from Apple on a single day.

The future Air-pods cases could come with some sort of certified water and dust resistance.

The another interesting feature is that users that look to carry less charging devices, Apparently, one embodiment of this hypothetical futuristic next-gen Air Pods case is an extra wireless charging surface on the outside of the case. It is supposed to be used to charge an Apple Watch or another device that supports wireless charging. The iPhone 8 also included in the rumors.

Such devices can include, for example, portable music players (e.g., MP3 devices and Apple's iPod devices), portable video players (e.g.,Portable DVD players), cellular telephones(e.g., smart telephones such as a Apple's iPhone devices), video cameras, digital still camera, projection system (e.g., holographic projection systems), gaming systems, PDAs as well as tablet (e.g.,Apple iPad devices), laptop (e.g., MacBooks) or other handset devices.

This is just a patent applications and not even an approved patent. According to the patent, the device would allow one turn an iPhone and iPad into a touchscreen laptop.

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