New Model Of Spectacles To Be Announced This Week

Written by Goran Spasojevic
Last updated July 13, 2021

Lately, there has been a lot of rumors regarding Spectacles 2. After the Snap Inc. introduced their product Spectacles, there was a lot of unsold pairs. Given that the popularity of sunglasses equipped with a camera was never popular among buyers, everyone thought these rumors are not true. However, the second generation of these sunglasses is now confirmed by the CEO Evan Spiegel, who said that new, upgraded version will be announced this week.

Snapchat spectacles 2

Image Courtesy Of Mashable

As Digital Trends reports, Spiegel stated in his interview for the Wired magazine that Spectacles were developed separately from the Snapchat app, but that there is the intention, in the future, to pair these two products. According to him, the company is aware that augmented reality had a low success rate in this day and age, and that there are a lot of hardware restrictions like the design, batteries, screens, etc. Nevertheless, Snap Inc. is developing two new versions of Spectacles. The first one will be an improved version of the first model. This updated version will have a better performance. It will also come in many different colors and we can expect it to be water resistant. As for the second version of Spectacles, certain features will come into play like dual cameras and GPS navigation. They will probably have a different design and will be made out of aluminum instead of plastic.

If these rumors are true, a sunglasses equipped with dual cameras, GPS and made out of aluminum could come a little bit pricey. An estimated price of the second version Spectacles is somewhere around $300, according to these rumors. Considering that a regular pair of Spectacles costs around half of that price and that we haven't witnessed a massive number of sales, it is very questionable how these plans will turn out for the Snap Inc.

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