New ‘Kapusta.World’ Cybercrime Support Service Is Getting Extremely Popular

  • A new Russian cybercrime service called ‘Kapusta.World’ is getting traction on the dark web.
  • The new service focuses on user-friendly guidance and customer support, and it already has positive reviews.
  • Even if you’re looking for something that isn’t available on the service, they may source it for you.

‘Kapusta.World’ is a new Russian cybercrime support service that has already surpassed a thousand members on its Telegram group, and is continuing strong. Kapusta means “cabbage” in Russian, and it refers to the logo which looks like a vegetable support agent. The service describes itself as a trading platform for cybercriminals to exchange goods and services. Its two main branches include one offering account credentials and one being an information look-up portal. Most of what’s on offer come from businesses based or operating in Russia, while the credentials come from various fields and market sectors.

Source: Digital Shadows

More specifically, Kapusta is currently offering account credentials from the following sectors:

  • websites selling coupons
  • online retailers
  • cinemas
  • food delivery services
  • airline and hotel websites
  • VPN services
  • cybercriminal sites selling credit card and personal information
  • international traveling agencies

Even if you’re looking for something specific that isn’t on offer on Kapusta yet, the “cabbage” is promising to go and try to source that information for you. Once you get what you need, you may use Kapusta’s guidance material to learn how to make the most out of the credentials that you just bought, how to exploit the target in the most profitably and safely, and how to hide your electronic trails while doing so.

Source: Digital Shadows

Kapusta has been promoting itself on various dark web forums since November 2019, claiming that it has been working on building up a solid and useful cybercrime service for over two years. As for the offerings that are presented in these forum posts, these include the following things:

  • Brute-forced account with balances from various grocery stores and restaurants
  • Brute-forced accounts with balances for travel firms, hotels, airlines, etc.
  • Brute-forced accounts with balances from building supply stores, hypermarkets
  • Brute-forced accounts with paid subscriptions for VPN services, audio/video services, etc.
  • Brute-forced accounts for shadow shops/services
  • License keys and subscriptions
  • Configs for Linken Sphere [an anti-detection browser] + cookies
  • Hacking for emails and social networks
  • Information look-up services
  • Local Bitcoin accounts
  • Discounts on your tariff plan for the Beeline operator [a Russian mobile phone operator]

Source: Digital Shadows

As for the customer service aspect, 'Kapusta.World' operators are offering communication via email, Telegram, Skype, and ICQ. The Telegram group is even empowered by an automated sales bot that helps buyers quickly locate the goods and services they are looking for. To attract more users in the group, the admins have organized “free giveaways” on the channel too.



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