New Globi Streaming Service Offers 500+ Hours of Content for Free

By Lore Apostol / December 10, 2021

In an already-crowded market, there's a new ad-based on-demand streaming platform available to US viewers. Globi offers more than 500 hours of free scripted movies and TV series from all over the world, including productions that participated in film festivals and some exclusive titles. The new service plans to become available in more countries by the end of 2022.

The content comes from over 20 countries, including Canada, Denmark, Austria, France, Italy, Russia, South Korea, Turkey, Spain, Belgium, Australia, Mexico, and Colombia. There's also some US content available.

Globi can be watched in browsers at or on smart TVs, iOS, Android, and streaming devices such as Roku and others, and the ads aren’t especially intrusive either, seemingly similar to the cable TV ad volume.

The company's CEO, Tariq Jalil, said in a statement on Thursday:

Audiences have established their desire to consume original, international content – Globi now enters the expansive streaming marketplace to directly feed this need as the only free, foreign-focused platform. Providing American audiences with the opportunity to binge sophisticated global fare and broaden their exposure to diverse cultures through compelling films and TV series, Globi intends to shift the consumption of award-winning content to further strengthen and expand the cultured streaming experience.

Moreover, the new streaming platform is planning to be at the forefront of content streaming and Web 3.0, from which the audience and content creators benefit, as well as streamers and large corporations. "Imagine if filmmakers could create NFT’s to own their content and collect royalties directly from us in the blockchain," said the CEO.

They also said they intend to develop virtual screenings where the user's avatar can interact with other film and TV viewers afterward.

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