New Cast Revealed for the Meta Liberation Army in MHA!

By Evanshi Mavani / July 6, 2021

On Saturday, My Hero Academia's official Twitter account revealed five new cast members who will be joining to voice members of the Meta Liberation Army. In addition, the official website has also revealed their respective character designs.

The new cast includes:

The audience is thrilled by this reveal, as all five cast members are exceptional in their own right.

Hiroaki Hirata is famously known for voicing Sanji (One Piece), while Junji Majima has played the role of Ryuji (Toradora). Similarly, Seiichiro Yamashita has voiced characters in Orange and Horimiya and Takako Honda in Naruto and Bleach. Last but not least, Tomokazu Sugita is a veteran voice actor best known for his role as Sakata Gintoki (Gintama).

Meta Liberation Army

It is evident from this that despite the Endeavor Agency arc being animated earlier than the Meta Liberation Army arc, it has all worked out well in the end. As for where the plot will head once these characters make an appearance, well, expect nothing short of chaos.

The Meta Liberation Army, like the League of Villains, is a powerful villain organization that believes in the free usage of Quirks and considers it a basic human right. It is currently being led by Re-Destro, a dangerous A rank villain.

This time, Meta Liberation Army will be the focus of attention as every single movement of theirs will be worth keeping an eye on. Will the League of Villains and the heroes be able to handle them? No matter what, it is sure to be a thrilling watch.

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